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Google “Fat Loss” books and 570,000 titles come up (as of 8 March 2016)! The idea to write a book about fat loss came from conversations I had with clients about what to do and believe it takes to lose fat. This book is based on those conversations and the solutions and discussions that ensued in the rest breaks between training sets.

The Bottom Line of Fat Loss

Initially the book was going to be much smaller and was going to be based on Paul Arden’s books such as “It’s not how good you are, its how good you want to be” and the provocative turn of phrase and illustrations inside. I wanted to entertain readers with concepts and saying and illustrations that would turn a light bulb in their mind and get them thinking differently. Einstein’s definition of insanity being “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” often came to mind.

(You can pre-order the book here.)

Over time, the feedback I got from friends and clients was a that a book of concepts did not have enough detail to put anything into action so I expanded the content. My naive idea of producing the book in six weeks of my spare-time went out the window. It is now 6 or even 7 years since I made the decision at my friends place in Galway, Ireland to write this book.

In 2005 I added wellness to the corrective exercise and sports performance specialities that I offered. The more I studied holistic health the more I connected beyond the dots of exercises and nutrition to lifestyle and mental attitude with regards to fat loss. I found that after I taught my clients good posture, how to activate their abs and how to move without pain, they wanted to continue training with me yet focus on fat loss and body tone. Hence the conversations. Many of these conversations are in the book as case studies (most of the peoples names have been changed for privacy reasons). I kind of morphed into this area of fat loss and away from corrective exercise.

Most of the reason it took me 6+ years to write is because of time. It takes a good chunk of time to sit down, get in the mood to write- or it does for me at least. I need 2-4 hours to get anything constructive done. I only really had Tuesday and Thursday afternoons dedicated to this for the first 3 years and sometimes I would write a bit and not revisit it for 3 months, longer if I had shown it to someone and did not get the encouragement I wanted. I procrastinated by doing two ultra marathons and outrigging from 2009-2012 to shorten my available time. Yet determined to get this done I did not actively seek new clients when they left so I could free up more time to write.

The book had got so big I thought it would never get completed as by the time I went to edit a piece I had written two years ago my attitude had changed and I needed to re-write again. I decided to cut the book up into a series of books so that the fat loss book was smaller but other chapters could be expanded on in more detail. I got this idea when asked to speak to my daughter Bonnie’s class on relaxation methods- My talk was on “How to calm your mind” and as it went down so well I produced my first ebook on it and took that content out of the fat loss book.

I will be writing more books that expand on several chapters of this main book and that I think people can benefit from further education.

On a personal note I have written the book to make a greater impact with more people than I can in one to one sessions. The advance courses at the CHEK institute talk about the importance of legacy and purpose to life. This book is part of my legacy and has been a big part of my purpose for the last while.

Entrepreneurs advise to get many sources of income, passive income a high desire. I have read the four hour work week and the idea of a book selling millions sounded like a good idea. Hopefully this book may sell a few. Something tells me that writing the book is the easy part, the hardest part is promoting and selling the book. For the book to sell it needs to be effective and, it would seem from reading how to get things viral and watching TRX grow over the years it needs a celebrity endorsement. The only way that will happen if enough people feel successful and share their results and experiences on social media. I ask you to share it with some one who you think will benefit from its contents. Maybe Kim Kardashian will eventually break the internet from posting about it.

It has also been a monkey on my back, so much so most of my spare time in 2015 was dedicated to getting it done. Interestingly I had a shoulder injury that prohibited me from a lot of exercise. During a holiday in July, my son Jack and I took a photograph of us chopping wood.


I saw that I was wearing my lifestyle around my waist and hips and that I had slipped into the habits that I was writing /warning about in my book. My lesson on empathy continued for another 5 months until I was perhaps the most unfittest and incongruent I had been for my life. (In the photos I was holding my abs in.) I am by no means obese but I am overweight and unfit for me.


Even if it sells only a couple of books it has been a rewarding frustrating and huge learning curve. The process is bigger than I thought. An adventure up there with any ultra marathon in the Sahara or Atacama desert.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks for ordering the book.

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Ross Eathorne is one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellbeing coaches and is renowned for his holistic approach to wellness. Ross coaches private clients, groups, champions as well as trainers in his L.I.F.E programme, he is the author of three books with another book on the way, is a keynote speaker, a gym owner, and a champion himself.

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