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The Life Fitness Synrgy 360 is pretty much everything I would have in a PT studio rolled into one, minus an Olympic Lifting platform and Hammer Strength power rack!

The Synrgy 360

This is probably one of the most useful and progressive pieces of equipment you will find in any gym. It is a testament to the progressive thinking of Life Fitness that they have come out with the Synrgy range of indoor and outdoor machines.

Synrgy 01

As people begin to understand the importance of “Functional Fitness”, training dominant movement patterns and whole body compound movements, there is a greater willingness both by trainers and their clients to “get back to the basics”.

Synrgy 02

The “single muscle” isolation machines of recent times don’t train your whole body in a “Real World” context and gym-goers are finally beginning to understand that there are other alternatives.

The Life Fitness Synrgy 360 is equipped with various stations and equipment that facilitate true functional fitness training across a range of modalities.

Synrgy 03

These are a selection of stills from our recent photo shoot for filming footage for my upcoming series of apps! You can see the tremendous range of variety in exercises and movements you can perform with the different stations of the Synrgy 360.

Synrgy 05

I am hoping to put together a gym-based exercise program for my app that showcases the versatility and utility of the Synrgy 360 machine!

My “5 Animal Fitness” training methodology can be expressed perfectly through the Syrngy. You can perform each of the key essential movement patterns on different stations of the Synrgy 360 to full effect!

Synrgy 06

The key movement patterns- squat, twist, bend, lunge, push and pull- can be worked on the Synrgy. The cable station, medicine ball rebounder, battling ropes, pivot bar are just a few examples of what is available.

The Synrgy has been designed to be very flexible and you can easily attach a suspension trainer and use kettle bells, medicine balls and swiss balls in varying combinations with the Synrgy stations to full effect.

Synrgy 04

Multi-modality training is extremely important as it keeps the body challenged with different equipment. I enjoy creating programs for myself and my clients using a range of equipment- this keeps exercising fresh and exciting, and allows me to learn new skills and expand my movement periphery. The Synrgy 360 facilitates this process.

Synrgy 07

As a Life Fitness master trainer, I was also recently given a sneak preview of the new Synrgy BlueSky, which is an outdoor version and looks fantastic!

Stay tuned for further updates on my app as the development process gets underway!

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Ross Eathorne is one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellbeing coaches and is renowned for his holistic approach to wellness. Ross coaches private clients, groups, champions as well as trainers in his L.I.F.E programme, he is the author of three books with another book on the way, is a keynote speaker, a gym owner, and a champion himself.


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