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I believe each of us is an individual with a unique set of life circumstances, physical condition, ambition and mental abilities. I specialise in customising programs that are appropriate to each individual, group, or team.

What can you expect if you train with me?

A Customised Approach

I approach assessing every person as an individual.

We will work and progress at your pace.

I can come to you.

I specialise in creating custom programs for people who want to lose weight, who want to tone up, who have chronic fatigue or auto immune diseases, who have had or are recovering from injury.

I work with sportsmen and women who want to discover and correct any gaps in their performance.

If you are injured, I assess your spine angle, flexibility and stability to determine your posture and muscle imbalances. I design a program for you to correct the problems and help reduce pain.

If you are unhealthy, I appraise your overall health and diet holistically and design a program that includes nutrition guidance, lifestyle changes, exercise and stress reduction strategies.

If you want to achieve higher levels of performance in sports or physical activity, I take you back to the very beginning- the foundation- and build you back up to better than before.

I coach you at the level of focus that you can prioritise your lifestyle to.


Programs and Services

I offer a variety of consultations and programs. These can be catered and customised to the needs and requirements of individuals and groups.

I work with people of all walks of life, from the 9-to-5 office worker who wants to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle, to the amateur and semi-professional sportsperson, to the athlete or “ordinary” person who is coping with returning from injury, through to sports teams and high-level professional athletes.

Please refer to the Testimonials section of my website to see a small selection of feedback from my clients.

Technology and Apps

I use modern technology intelligently and effectively to help you make the best use of your time when training with me.

You can access the custom training programs and workouts that I design for you via a simple website.

I am developing a series of iPhone apps which will allow you to access my key programs (with high quality video and photo footage) wherever you are.

The initial series of apps will focus on Movement and Mobility, and will progress to multi-modality training, strength and conditioning, and sports-specific apps.

360 HFP and L.I.F.E.

I will help you progress using my Health, Fitness and Performance (“HFP“) approach. From a foundation of Health we can build on your Fitness and progress to improving your Performance.

360” represents how I look at and develop the whole person holistically.

My methodology can be summarised as an approach to L.I.F.E.

  • Life- love your life
  • Intention and mindset- calm your mind
  • Food- eat real food
  • Exercise- enjoy regular and varied exercise


LIFE Assessment

I take a holistic approach to helping you reach your goals in health, fitness and performance.

I conduct a full “L.I.F.E.” assessment. I firmly believe in addressing all aspects of LIFE- your lifestyle, your intention and mindset, your food and nutrition choices, and exercise and physical activity.

This holistic approach enables us to arrive at a platform of Health on which to build Fitness and progress to Performance.


Love your life!

There are 168 hours in a week. After taking into account the time you spend sleeping, how many hours in the day do you genuinely spend doing what you love?

Everybody needs a purpose in life to be happy. Sometimes we look around and see that we have been caught in the rat race or running endlessly on a hamster wheel while life passes us by!

I will assess your life circumstances, including your health history and lifestyle awareness. Through a detailed health appraisal questionnaire combined with a full posture and diet assessment, I will help to distill all your stressors into one critical point where the least amount of effort will result in the greatest gain in health and happiness.

Coaching will involve asking you exactly what you want to achieve. It is your goals we will work towards in lifestyle changes, mindset, nutrition and exercise.


Intention and Mindset

Calm your mind.

True luxury is peace of mind and is best achieved through 8 hours of sleep every night.

Your spirituality is defined as your desire for an adventurous life, it’s not tied to any religious beliefs as such but is more akin to what the French would say as “joie de vivre”.

Mindset is tied closely to your lifestyle, your nutrition and the exercise / physical activity that you choose. Mindset is your attitude, your demeanour, your higher self.

I will help guide you in your spirituality and teach you introspection, creativity, communication.


Diet and Nutrition

Eat real food!

Food provides the building blocks to health. It is the very foundation to living a long and healthy life. Ask yourself, “how close to its real state is the food on my plate?”

The more the food has been processed, the less nutrients, energy and sustenance it gives you.

I will appraise your diet and food choices through a questionnaire and a diet record over 7-10 days. This will help determine your metabolic type and whether you are better suited to a diet that favours carbohydrates or proteins more, or a mixed approach.

I take into account your digestion, blood sugar levels, endocrine glands and hormone levels.

Then I will coach you on how to improve and change your food choices for the better!

Eat real F.O.O.D.- Fruits and vegetables / Organic lean proteins / Omega 3 fatty acids / Drink water!



Enjoy regular and varied exercise!

Regular exercise is the cornerstone to results. Physical activity builds on the foundations of diet and nutrition and varying your physical stimulus will keep both your body developing and your mind fresh.

Exercise is Movement. Movement is Life.

I aim to train your body to allow you to move freely and as nature intended.

I coach you in 3 progressive steps to achieve Health, Fitness and Performance.

  • First is through flexibility, mobility, stability, postural and cardiovascular endurance. This is Health.
  • Second is to build your strength and improve your balance and coordination. This is Health and Fitness.
  • Finally, we can progress to power, speed and agility. This equates to Performance.

Once we have taught you correct posture and established how you can move with good technique, we can explore what type of movements (physical activity) that you enjoy as an individual through our performance periphery.


Critical Point

I conduct a 2 hour holistic lifestyle consult to guide you on addressing your critical point, using lifestyle changes, stress reduction strategies, nutrition and exercise.


  • Health history
  • Lifestyle awareness
  • Health Appraisal questionnaire
  • 7 day diet, exercise and sleep record

High Performance / Sports Specific

High Performance is achieved when all performance and potential performance gaps are addressed. This is a minimum 12 week program.

Sports Specific programs run over 12 weeks and cover a range of sports such as Boxing, Golf, Tennis and Squash, Running (including Ultra Marathon training), Board Sports (snow and surf), Paddling (Dragon Boat, Outriggers), Hockey, Rugby, Mountaineering.

I can design a program that is specific to your sporting needs and to prepare you for a specific event.


Injury Correction / Posture Restoration

This program would be the starting point for anyone who has an injury or wishes to improve their freedom of movement. It forms a key part of what I do. I firmly believe that only through proper posture and alignment, and through correction of muscle imbalances and injuries, can we establish the foundations necessary to progress safely and effectively.

1. A comprehensive assessment of spinal mobility, muscle flexibility measurement and movement stability.

2. An overview of findings, muscle patterns and your stretching and strengthening needs and requirements.

3. A program is designed for you as a unique individual.

4. An initial coaching session that teaches you the movements and exercises.

Ross assessing

Education and Public Speaking

I offer education on all aspects of health, fitness and performance to industry professionals, laypeople, schools, groups and corporates.

I can tailor the education to your needs and requirements, or offer one of or a combination of talks-

  • Health Foundations
  • Vitruvian Qi movement and mobility class- natural movement, bodyweight exercises
  • High intensity classes- bootcamp, CrossFit, TRX, metcons
  • Sports Specific- EG- Running, Tennis, Boxing, Dragon Boat racing, Golf flexibility/stability
  • Stress Reduction, importance of sunlight
  • Bottom Line of Fat Loss- sustainable, long-term approach to fat loss
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Personal Trainer Mastery- geared towards instructors and fitness professionals
  • Program Puzzle- how to design and create workout programs and content
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • The Occasional UltraMarathon- my preparation and experience
  • The science of chi, chakras, movement, diet, and mental/emotional/spiritual connections

AsiaFit 01

Retreats and Offsites

I can create a custom-made wellness and exercise package at your corporate offsite or wherever you select. These can be half-day or one-day sessions designed specifically for corporates, or full offsites run over a number of days anywhere in the world, such as my recent LIFE Mastery corporate retreat in Hawaii.

I also conduct full immersion retreats for small groups, covering all aspects of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. In the summer of 2014, my Fitness & Wellness Immersion Retreat conducted in Bali was not all about exercise and physical activity, nor even diet and nutrition. Meditation, quiet periods for reflection, opportunities for personal growth and a break from usual routine are absolutely key.

Bali retreat 02

Contact me today to find out how I can help you!


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Ross Eathorne is one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellbeing coaches and is renowned for his holistic approach to wellness. Ross coaches private clients, groups, champions as well as trainers in his L.I.F.E programme, he is the author of three books with another book on the way, is a keynote speaker, a gym owner, and a champion himself.

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