Well-being Introduction

Well-being Introduction: 1-3 lessons

“Well-being is the positive alignment of your body, nutrition, social connection and meaning in life”.

In our first lesson, you’ll discover the practicality of regulating your autonomic nervous system through Vagus nerve toning exercises. These simple breathwork and movements are designed to be easily incorporated into your daily routine, and their effectiveness can be tracked through Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Lesson two: (60 mins) Embark on a stretching and stability class, a cornerstone of the Life-Movement patterns from the Movement as Medicine programme. This class is designed to enhance your stability, a key component of movement, and ignite your enthusiasm for improving your movement capabilities. Lesson three: (60 mins) Gain a comprehensive understanding of fitness principles (FITT principle, Energy systems, RPE) and learn how to effectively structure and monitor your workload without burning out. This class includes a 12-minute high-intensity interval programme to establish a life-movement strength endurance baseline and a 12-minute Coopers Run test to estimate VO2 max with the knowledge and tools to manage your fitness journey max, equipping confidently.
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