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I am happy and excited to be training the Seagods Dragon Boat squad again this year. The Seagods have consistently taken 1st place as the Mixed Dragon Boat Champions at the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships. This conditioning circuit primarily uses bodyweight movements and adds on the TRX Rip Trainer to mimic the paddling motion.

Seagods TRX Rip Trainer Dragon Boat Row

Start with TRX Rip Trainer cord fully extended at hip. Base hand on top, power hand in mid zone, feet in ipsilateral lunge. Start position with straight power arm reaching forward, trunk at 45 degrees and slightly rotated, movement is to pull rip trainer back with a straight power arm until base hand becomes vertical and in line with vertical shin bone.

Seagods Tricep Push Ups

Tricep push-ups with hands and feet release. When you are tired, you can get onto your knees for 1/2 count.

Seagods Jumping Dynamic Lunge

You must land with knees bent and feet apart. Count 1 every time a leg goes forward.

Seagods Butterfly Sit Ups

Lie on back, arms behind head and touching floor, soles of feet touching with heels close to groin. Sit up and touch your toes with your fingers. Hands must touch floor behind your head each time.

Seagods Mountain Climbers

Start in plank position, move one knee forward to touch same side arm, take leg back to plank swapping with other leg.

Seagods Back Toss 1/2 Turn Jump

Start with arms between and behind legs, throw arms up and vertical jump with 1/2 turn.

Seagods Russian Twist

Lie on back, palms down, hips at 90 degrees, knees over hip and feet off the ground, rotate thighs to touch the ground and rotate to the other side. Each time the thigh touches the ground counts as one.

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