ROAM Method Overview

ROAM Method: A progressive movement curriculum to Expand your Range of Active Movement and “Enjoy regular and varied exercise”.

All successful and sustainable performance summits are organised around the principle that “a peak is only as high as the base is wide,” which I separate into three phases: wellness, fitness, and performance.

  1. Well-being/health aligns with all factors that help you create balance in your daily life.
  2. Fitness is the second level of the pyramid process and develops your purpose and ability to adapt to change.
  3. Performance is the third level and is the most interesting because once we have established some health and resilience, we look to clear away any obstacles to greatness, any intolerances of the body, mind, and spirit. We structure our troubleshooting module here before we look to develop your X-factor creativity and your optimal performance and influence zone.

ROAM Cycle

Movement is my main modality. My main sport was gymnastics (I have been in national age group training squads since the age of 12-17), and I competed in around 10 World Sport Aerobics, including one as National Coach and Head of Delegation. I have also played Premier level Rugby, Completed two 250km Ultramarathons in the Sahara and Atacama deserts, won a bronze medal in an over 40 Dragon Boat World Championship, practised Qi Gong, studied Yoga, completed a half-Ironman triathlon, played schoolboy tennis, corporate squash, was a sailing instructor, snowboarder, competed in 3 CrossFit opens and three spartan events – phew. Right now (2020) 

The leaping man represents the enjoyment of exercise, the X-factor exuberance and the celebration of the spirit of all movement.

Now, I have rolled all this movement ability into my Tertiary qualifications of exercise science/sports coaching, with countless industry qualifications, into developing my movement curriculum, which aims to expand the range of active movement through 5/6 Life-Movements, a progressive spectrum of physical abilities and a cornucopia of equipment modalities and formats.

ROAM: Movement Curriculum is a general fitness plan designed to progress in complexity and intensity and take around 12 months to complete (with options to self-determine the various plans). ROAM is best suited to those who want to “enjoy regular and varied exercise” without any specific goal apart from ageing gracefully and being able to eat pizza and drink beer, as one of my favourite clients used to tell me when I pressured her into providing it me with a training goal (she did do the Chicago marathon once).

ROAM is heavily influenced by functional fitness, strength, and conditioning philosophies. It is an expansion of my Bodyweight mobility book “ROAM: Movement as medicine” and the ROAM cycle I created to illustrate my structure. ROAM is available live or online and can be completed at your own pace.

Vitruvian Man represents alliance, symmetry, balance of all joints, muscles and life movements.

The fitness pyramid represents the process of creating a peak.

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