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ROAM – Movement as Medicine for Fitness and Health

Why ROAM might be the path to fitness and health you are looking for.

✓  Variety and ‘entertrainment’ factor maintains interest and adherence
East-meets-West approach to fitness brings together best of both worlds
 Gradual progression of complexity and intensity to satisfy all exercise and wellbeing goals.

Introduction – Variety is the key to fitness success

Numerous studies show that regular and varied exercise is key to achieving lifelong health, fitness and welbeing. Yet despite this knowledge and even the desire to enjoy these benefits, people often fall off the wagon through boredom or, at the other extreme, injure themselves by trying to advance too fast in one particular fitness form.

In contrast, I have seen real results with my clients when the following sequence happens:

  1. Exercise is varied and fun
  2. Enjoyment motivates repetition and adherence
  3. Regularity ensures fitness and skill development.
  4. Improved performance inspires a desire for challenge, either in another sport or in competition.

This fundamental concept of variety leading to enjoyment forms the foundation of my successful Range of Active Movement (ROAM) programme.

ROAM and Movement as Medicine

Over my xx years as a trainer, I have studied, practised and taught many exercise and wellness forms. This know-how and experience allowed me to draw upon the best from Eastern and Western movement and medicine to provide the variety and completeness that is so key to the East-meets-West ROAM programme. In ROAM you will find elements of yoga, Qi Gong, TRX, powerlifting, bodyweight exercises and more.

ROAM provides variety and a structured progression for my clients to  improve their mobility, agility, fitness and their state of wellbeing in a safe, progressive and enjoyable way.


  • provides variety and so exercise regularity by offering a wide variety of exercises and equipment options ranging from your own bodyweight, through the portable and versatile TRX and kettlebells to other gym-based equipment.
  • incorporates the Western science of movement mechanics and corrective exercise as well as the mind and spirit benefits of yoga and Qigong
  • offers a safe, gradual progression of complexity and intensity to satisfy all reasons for exercising
  • is flexible enough to allow time for your other commitments
Learn more about ROAM – East meets West

More about ROAM

Upward spiral of healthThe problem: The modern sedentary life often results in a downward spiral towards a lack of agility, aerobic fitness, and muscle tone, and this can lead to poor health, depression/stress and usually unwanted weight gain.

Moving on up: ROAM seeks to reverse the spiral, building you up through health to fitness, and maybe even to performance level achievements.

Three fitness and performance levels:

  • Health – Intention and breathwork to reduce stress and restore calm. Posture, activation and flexibility to help restore health and reduce the risk of injury as you advance.
  • Fitness –strength meets function. Boost metabolism, develop strength and coordination.
  • Performance – High intensity scenarios of defence or top sports performance

ROAM helps you develop ever increasing competencies of flexibility, stability, endurance, strength, coordination, power, speed, agility, infant developmental crawling and throwing by moving through life’s movement patterns.

Movement patterns – East meets West

Most movements in life and sport can be distilled into six movements patterns:
squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge, plus gait: walking and running.

Borrowing from Tai Chi’s ‘Five Animal Frolics’ and other Eastern practices, I have associated an animal with each of these movements patterns, where the animal’s own movement resembles the Western movement pattern. This has helped many of my clients more easily visualize their exercise movement, and call upon their animal strength.

It’s also fun!

Squat / Tiger eg., bodyweight squats progressing to ‘Clean and Jerk’; Yoga’s Warrior II, burpees, kettlebells, Krav Maga
Twist / Dragon  eg., Yoga’s Revolved Triangle, cable woodchop, Aikido, swimming, rock climbing
Bend / Bear eg. forward bend, ‘bear walk’, barbell deadlift, Judo, contact sports
Push/lunge / Crane eg., Yoga’s prone cobra, handstands, barbell bench press, racquet sports
Pull /lunge  / Monkey eg., Yoga’s warrior II, ‘Monkey Ladder’, pull ups, rope climbing, boxing, gymnastics
Gait (walking and running) / The leaping man/ woman  eg., flexibility, crawl coordination, ‘Bodyweight Ninja’, Sport speed and agility

Challenging the body to see results

To build up fitness and wellbeing, and to lose weight the body needs to be continually challenged and progressively overloaded. This means you need to puff a little, burn your muscles a little and every now and again have muscle soreness the next day.

The ROAM cycle moves through the animal movement patterns, varying the volume, intensity and time, to continuously challenge the body, provide variety for entertainment and avoid burnout and injury.

A basic ROAM cycle – adjusted for your fitness level – is as follows:

  • Day 1 –Tiger Squat themed session
  • Day 2 ¬ Dragon Twist themed session
  • Day 3 – Bear Bend themed session
  • Day 4 & 5 – Crane and Monkey Push/Pull/Lunge sessions
  • Days 6 & 7 – are for resting or to perform a session where you mix up all themes in a sport of your choosing or an obstacle course event such as Parkour, Spartan or Tough Mudder.

Are you ready to get moving for fitness and health?

Jump down to our ‘Where to Start’ section to learn about the options available. There’s something for everyone!

A calm mind for better health

Movement as Medicine restores calmness to the body, mind and spirit through the
power of intention, specific exercises, and breathwork. Calmness – or the absence of excess* stress – is fundamental to wellbeing as too much stress adversely affects our health, emotions, motivation and sleep.

*We need a little stress to keep us motivated

Movement as Medicine:

  • Exercise is coupled with intention
  • Prepares you for the progression from health to fitness.
Learn more about Movement as Medicine

Movement as Medicine restores calm and works at the base level of your journey towards wellbeing and fitness as calmness frees you to move forward in all aspects of your life.

Today, using breathwork and visualization (intention) to manage life’s challenges is a common concept. Unsurprisingly, these practices are also found in many ancient Eastern disciplines and are managed through movement – think yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

I have therefore incorporated exercises into ROAM from Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi that use intention, exercise and breathwork to connect the body and mind to bring about calm.

Bringing this all together, the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) neatly tie in with the animal movements of ROAM, and each element is associated with a different range of emotions – and motions. We can therefore easily work through the emotions through our ROAM cycle.

  1. Tiger (squat): Wood – Kindness / Anger
  2. Dragon (twist): Fire – Love/Joy/Hate
  3. Bear (bend): Earth – Open/Anxious
  4. Crane (push/lunge): Metal – Courage / Depression
  5. Monkey (pull /lunge) Water – Gentleness / Fear
  6. The leaping man/woman (gait) –

Where to start

For individuals

FREE – Agility Test

Online courses

ROAM online programmes provide you with a daily programme of exercises to follow. Each exercise is demonstrated with videos. On completing your day’s ROAM workout you can track your times, intensity and xxx so that you can easily see your own progress.

• ROAM – Get Moving
• ROAM – Fit, Toned & Functional

One-on-one personal training


For trainers

  • ROAM Mobility
  • ROAM Foundation

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