What Personal Best customised coaching involves

As part of Team Rex Tso since 2015, (Strength & Conditioning Coach) I helped to improve his explosive power and conditioning to contribute to six (undefeated) fights that added to his 22-0 record and number 1 WBO contender in the Super flyweight Category.

Click on the video below for an outline of how to train for the long term performance – undulate your load and intensity.



A thorough assessment of your flexibility, movement ability and needs analysis will help design a personal best conditioning programme. If you are injured and want freedom of movement, or you are an athlete who wants to build physical ability and capacity to reach new heights in the sports arena.

We start with a comprehensive clinical assessment that reveals your muscles imbalances and movement abilities. Attention to your ambition, condition, ability and circumstance will determine your starting programme and consequent programme design.



  1. Needs analysis, periodisation and planning to peak.
  2. Comprehensive physical assessment of spinal mechanics, comparative range of motion (flexibility) core activation and stability and movement ability.
  3. Initial 3 phase (corrective, functional strength and peak) stretching and strengthening programme design.
  4. Instruction and coaching of programme. (Recommend 3-5 times per week for significant impact and a minimum of 1 per 3 weeks for the self motivated and experienced athlete.)

If you are aiming for a specific physical goal, or are injured contact Ross to discuss details now:


This is a long-form warm-up that warm-up every muscle and joint in the body. The Seagods Dragon Boat team have used it since 2005, Rex Tso uses it to warm-up before training and fights and most of my clients use it as an alternate to the short-form warmup if it is cold or they are tired.


If you really want to be in peak state then it takes far more than just a physical programme to get you there. You need to attend to the physical (body and nutrition), mental (ambition, goal setting i.e. performance ce vs outcome), emotional (copeing with stressors) and spiritual (karma, and putting your whole life into creating a X-factor performance). If this is what you want then I recommend you complete my Performance Mindset programme concurrently.

Key features will enhance your:

Resilience – coach ability, growth mindset and learning to adapt to adversity

Alliance – balancing your body, correcting or preventing injury.

Presence – Growing your Optimal Performance zone

Balance – development occurs when resting so manage work to rest ratios.

Sustenance – nutrition and food choices.

Persistence – how to plan your programme

Tolerance – embracing the race – overcoming obstacles to optimal performance.

Effervescence – Unleashing the X-factor. Preparation meets opportunity meets physical ability meets empowerment and encouragement to take the creative initiative to play outside the textbook.


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