Performance Mindset

“True Luxury, is peace of mind”.

Life medicine wheel – the four tenets and the components of Life:

Performance Mindset is a foundation wellness, lifestyle and sport psychology programme to start you on your way to performing under competition pressure. In short, performance mindset is about growth -opening your mind for opportunities to get better as an athlete, a team member and most importantly as a person.


Benefits include:

  1. First and foremost this course is to help you perform week-in, week-out at your highest levels.
  2. Second its about learning that growth is a process, a journey that is not always A to B is the shortest possible distance.
  3. Learning to compensate moments of high-stress (chaos) with moments of long rest to recover from and prevent overtraining, burnout or chronic (autoimmune) disease.
  4. Having lifestyle, intention, food and exercise tools to develop resilience (health, fitness, performance) for present life, and when you are looking for a change of direction, sabbatical or retirement.
  5. Feeling good about yourself through wellness, purposeful fitness and lifestyle.


Experience teaches me that we need to start with small steps, master the basics in order to grow exponentially from there; this course is split into three parts spiralling out from the centre.

Wellness before Performance: wellness is the low hanging fruit of the programme and serves as the backbone to any repeatable achievement. Sleep, hydration, pain-free movement, and present mindset.

Wellness before Performance




Plan to Perform: We dive into fitness adaptation and use the sport science process of supercompensation as a model for purpose and growth, we explore how you can be true to yourself, how coachable you are and how you can contribute to your teams culture and attitudes to feedback, training, winning and losing. We touch on nutrition, blood sugar management and detoxification of the body and mind.

Plan to Perform

Peak performance: This is the advanced part of the course that for optimal impact you need to have develop a “7” level or resilience in wellness and fitness. The end goal is empowering you to “Know, not think” and enjoy executing the task at hand when competing at your highest level against opponents of similar or better ability than you. Being happy with your performance, even when somebody does it better is my idea of performance mindset as needs to regarded as journey experience full of highs and lows, review and asking the hard questions like “why didn’t I win?” and looking for marginal gains and feedback to tweak what you currently do. Performance mindset to me is “doing your best today so you are better tomorrow”. In this final part we look at execution of training standards in competition (performance), how your public and private actions transcend the podium and influence others. We empower you to let go of your training and free your mind to tap into your “X-factor” creativity of using your experience and to adapt strategy/tactics to the present moment and opportunities. Included in this part of the course is troubleshooting/intolerance which looks at clearing any obstacle blocking excellent execution.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Note : Troubleshooting the zone can be done at any time during the course and includes mental skills to cope with stressful situations such as thought stopping, visualisation and reflection. Advanced mental skills for clearing historical trauma can be taught and use techniques adapted from from sport psychology, Carl Jung Shadow work, Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 element theory, and Shamanic visualisation healing journeys, ceremonies and rituals.


Youtube videos of original lesson concepts

If you would like some more insight into the original concepts (2016) I have filmed short YouTube videos on the course lessons (see below). (I have changed the lesson order and the tile of the programme from FNFAB to Performance Mindset.)


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