Movement as Medicine: The ROAM Method

ROAM stands for Range of Active Movement. Its number one aim is to encourage people to “enjoy regular and varied exercise by cycling around the life-movement patterns and along the spectrum of physical abilities whilst introducing progressive complexity of movement, intensity and equipment modalities.

The ROAM cycle provides a framework for expanding your range of active movement. We start at its centre and spiral outwards in 360 degree circles to cover all the Life-movements and the roam spectrum of physical abilities. and modalities.

The ROAM cycle illustrates and provides a framework for a safe, progressive and “long game” exercise curriculum that “improves the way you move”.

Life-Movement and the animals

The human body was made to squat, twist, bend, push, pull, lunge and run (walk, jog, sprint), these are what I call life-movements. Over time people abilities to do this shrinks because the favour certain patterns in sport or work, or they avoid others because. of apprehension and pain. When you avoid movement you create weaknesses and you enjoyment of life will erode.

The ROAM Method short-form warm-up that warm-ups all the Life-movement patterns of squat, bend, push, pull, lunge and twist.

Each animal represents a certain movement and this idea is taken from Traditional Chinese medicine to represent not only movement but certain body-mind-soul characteristics. (Note we cover the mental aspects in the PRX lifestyle programme and not in the ROAM curriculum.)

Each animal, movement has an “end range” or advanced exercise that we progress to and master and is based on a sport that is dominant in that movement pattern.

ROAM Spectrum

The progression is through a the ROAM Spectrum of physical abilities that I have grouped according to my idea of safe and logical progression of speed and complexity:

  • Flexibility (End range yoga asana plus facial/meridian lines)
  • Stability (single leg yoga balance)
  • Posture (a corrective exercise)
  • Crawl (infant development pattern/quadruped)
  • Bodyweight ninja (end-range bodyweight expression)
  • Strength (CHEK functional fitness and Westside barbell)
  • Endurance (floating ability dependant on intensity)
  • Power (a gym-based expression)
  • Defend (my idea of what style represents the spirit of the animal)
  • Sport Speed & Agility (a sport that is the epitomie of the movement pattern)


We split The ROAM Method into three levels; Health, Fitness and Performance.

(I do have a confession to make about my programmes and videos. Although I try to make them simple and full of technical information that might be a bit much for the non-fitness professional, I coach with bare minimum instruction so as not to overwhelm; an instructional video must include the Technician’s details.)

HEALTH – promoting balanced posture and alignment of movement mechanics and the following benefits:

  • More fluidity and confidence in your day to day movements
  • Increased flexibility, stability (balance)
  • Increased integrated muscle tone (total body)
  • Reduce niggly pains that keep you from certain activities
  • Have a platform of physical ability to start a new sport or activity, relaunch an activity you may have given, or, enhance a current one.

Exercises are low intensity bodyweight flexibility, stability, posture and coordination programmes that borrow from functional and corrective exercise, qi gong, Feldenkrais, the best of yoga, a twist of gymnastics and infant developmental patterns.

A sample lesson from ROAM Foundation bodyweight programme.

Movement As Medicine Bodyweight

  1. ROAM Mobility – 5 mobility lessons in our LIFE movement patterns of Squat, Twist, Bend, Push, Pull (and lunge). (Signature programme based on my book)
  2. ROAM Endurance – Heart rate training outline and practical.
  3. ROAM Foundation programme – 7 Levels, 14 lessons of gradual progression Bodyweight exercises. (a linear programme) ROAM Bodyweight Profile Testing. (So you can do it before and after.)
  4. ROAM Swiss ball stability training (my go to exercises)
  5. ROAM TRX sample programme PDF (a 12 week programme that progresses and integrates three levels of intensity and complexity)
  6. ROAM BSX – Signature bodyweight HIIT programme based on bodyweight ninja exercises. (This is a non-linear programme but does follow a progressive structure. I used this programme during the first. 2020 Covid shutdown as a base for a spartan race training – suitable for a 5 k sprint distance)

Functional strength and Conditioning promotes fitness using using gym based equipment

We combine functional fitness and traditional strength and conditioning equipment and philosophies here. We focus on making you strong in the deadlift, squat, bench press as well as the lunge, twist, push and pull. Cardiovascular intensity and demand increases here.

  • Add strength to your movements using external load
  • Integrate multiple movement patterns
  • Learn multiple equipment modalities
  • Increase fitness capacity
  • Build lean body mass and increase metabolic intensity to promote weightloss.

There are several programmes that we could start fitness training with and which one depends on how comfortable you are going to a gym or what equipment you are prepared to buy. It is always a good idea to do a benchmark fitness test to see what level you are at (safety and injury prevention wise, and to be motivated by your progress when doing a re-test) so if you were learning live we would start with ROAM FAST which is five animal strength testing and technique lesson. If the lesson is not live then doing progressing to a 1repetition maximal by for the first time by yourself without a spotter is not the wisest thing to do. So for reasons of safety and economy we start with the Kettlebell fundamental programme. Once the kettlebell programme is completed you could do FAST, or. your could go straight to Fit, toned and functional which avoids heavy weights and the squat movement pattern.

  1. ROAM FAST strength test = Strength testing and technique session to learn good technique and strength levels in the Pull-up, Shoulder press, Squat, bench press, deadlift and woodchopper. This lesson is compulsory for our strength training programmes.
  2. ROAM Kettlebell
  3. ROAM Fit toned & Functional – 7 Levels, 14 lessons (minimum) We introduce functional strength training with an aim to lose weight and tone up at the same time. Intensity and complexity progress with each lesson.
  4. ROAM Total Body function HIIT 1
  5. ROAM Total Body function HIIT 2
  6. ROAM Strength Meets Function “Lockout”
  7. ROAM Strength Meets Function “Out of hole”
  8. ROAM RSX Roam Spectrum Exercise
  9. Push, pull, twist Cable Fundamentals Pdf
  10. Westside Conjugate Strength Programme Template & Exercise library PDF
  11. Crossfit Template & Exercise Library template PDF, Ladies and Benchmark WOD PDF
  12. Strength & Olympic Lift Exercise library PDF


Explosive Training (Power, speed, agility, throwing and accuracy preparation)

Spartan Resilience & Performance Training – Sprint, Super & Beast Plus

Dragon boat Power in 12 weeks

Tennis agility and Power in 12 weeks

Field Hockey Power in 12 weeks

Snow sports for fresh tracks & fresh legs

Run smarter, fast and longer in 12 weeks

Boxing – Building a world class punch that goes the distance

Rugby off-season strength, conditioning and body armour training.

A sample of a ROAM method boutique functional strength studio
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