To give more people access to Ross’s techniques and philosophies that have helped so many of his students achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals, Ross has published three books covering three of the pillars of his L.I.F.E. program, with the fourth book on its way.

Roam- Movement as Medicine

ROAM- Movement as Medicine

Now available in paperback  (US$24.99) and also on Kindle (US$0.99)

ROAM stands for Range of Active Movement and is an East-meets-West guide that helps you improve your freedom of movement and your ability to move in a safe, progressive and enjoyable way.

It covers:

  • how both body and mind benefit by going back to our innate range of motions
  • where ideas about health have gone off track
  • and how to get physical activity back into your life in a way that suits you.

Ross Eathorne takes his experience as a L.I.F.E (Lifestyle, Intention, Food, Exercise) Practitioner, drawing on a balance of Eastern and Western practices to show us how we can harness movement as medicine to improve our health, fitness and performance levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

‘Take a look inside’ on Amazon before purchasing.

How To Calm Your Mind – focus on the task-at-hand

Available as a Kindle e-book (US$0.99)

  • A holistic approach to achieving peace of mind that frees you to be your optimal self
  • I combine my experience of athletic training and competition with my expertise as a trainer
  • I offer a series of proactive short-term and long-term strategies for achieving calm and positivity for a winning attitude
  • I help you become a stronger- and happier- competitor!


‘Take a look inside’ on Amazon before purchasing.

The Bottom Line Of Fat Loss

Available as a Kindle e-book (US$0.99) and a printed edition from Amazon (~US$38)

Ross has helped many of his clients arrive at sustainable solutions for fat loss and his findings are simplified into four solutions for L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle, Intention, Food, Exercise). Obesity is a lifestyle disease and this book takes a holistic approach to fat loss, discussing how to make sustainable and long-term changes to your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

Ross teaches that there are  three phases to fat loss –Health, Fitness and Performance:

  • Building health with good nutrition allows your body to stop storing fat, and with exercise, burn any excess off
  • Fitness training uses the ‘Health’ phase as a platform; training your metabolism to burn excess fat off
  • Once fit, you enter the ‘Performance’ phase where your goal is to learn the skills to achieve a sports goal, as opposed to a pant size.


‘Take a look inside’ on Amazon before purchasing.

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