Personal Best (Well-being & Recovery)

This personalised Well-being starter program is designed to fit into your unique lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. It focuses on four key pillars: Lifestyle, Intention (mindset and stress management), Food (nutrition), and Exercise (fitness). We understand that your best effort may vary daily based on how well you’ve recovered from previous physical and mental exertions. Therefore, we use heart rate variability (HRV) to assess and adjust exercise intensity accordingly. Recovery activities encompass sleep, hydration, nutrition, somatic and corrective stretching, and strengthening exercises to regulate the nervous system, improve posture, and enable pain-free movement. Your well-being journey is tailored and optimised based on your current state and desired goals. Our accuracy in prioritising your needs is achieved through thorough assessments, including comprehensive nutrition and health history questionnaires, along with clinical measurements of posture, spinal mechanics, flexibility, core strength, and movement. These assessments, consultations, and coaching are carried out systematically and effectively as outlined below.

Well-being basics:

  1. Daily Reset and Vagus nerve toning and recovery series: breathwork and movement sequence according to Polyvagal Theory.
  2. This is a movement-specific stretching and muscle activation series based on a squat, forward bend, overhead lunge, and twist movement screen.
  3. F.I.T.T ness baseline theory and practice. We cover the basics of progressive exercise (resistance and cardio) and avoiding physical burnout. We introduce RPE to calibrate intensity and monitor workload. We establish a fitness baseline from which to measure success from.

Well-being Customised

  1. At this well-being consultation and coaching lesson, we prioritise 1-4 low-hanging fruits that can be integrated into your lifestyle. Priority is based on the critical point, ease, and realistic likelihood of adherence and my analysis of your health history and dietary questionnaire,

Corrective or Sports-Specific Exercise Coaching

  1. The range of Active Movement assessment identifies posture type, muscle imbalances (tightness/weakness), and the source from which to reduce or prevent pain or injury (clinical measurement of posture, spinal mechanics, flexibility, core stability, and movement ability).
  2. Introduction to corrective mobilising and stretching programme
  3. Introduction to a strengthening programme.
  4. Review and possible progression of well-being, stretching and strengthening programme.

Package Price: HKD $12 000 (pricing reflects non-contact analysis and programme design time)

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