Movement as Medicine

Movement as Medicine: 

The Movement as Medicine program and Range Of Active Movement (ROAM) curriculum offer a comprehensive approach to improving fitness and movement skills. Three levels cater to individual needs and goals. The following courses are available as half-, full, or multi-day intensives for Coaches or Personal Trainers or as hour-long classes to add to your facility’s group schedule or personal training clients. These programmes serve as the curriculum for a three-level Movement as Medicine Coaching Certificate that introduces current and prospective trainers to corrective exercise, functional fitness, strength and conditioning and sports-specific programme design and delivery skills. (See TEACH below.)
  1. Bodyweight Movement: An introduction to corrective exercise.
    • ROAM Mobility Course: Five two-hour lessons and exercise library to improve your posture, flexibility and stability of fundamental Life-movement patterns of bending (deadlift), Pushing (bench press, shoulder press, Jerk), Pulling and lunging, Squatting and Twisting. (An optional sixth “putting it all together lesson is available for those interested in programme design and the Bodyweight Movement Certificate.) ROAM Mobility can be taught in a two-day intensive.
    • ROAM Curriculum: ROAM Mobility, in part or its entirety, provides the starting point for the bodyweight programmes.
    • Bodyweight Foundation Exercise (BFX) for a linear return to fitness, Bodyweight Spectrum Exercise (BSX) for high-variance and intensity exercise for intermediate to advanced, Swiss ball (SBX) for core, postural correction, and rotation, TRX a 12-week suspension training programme. (Details available on request.)
  2. Functional Strength and Conditioning: The following programmes are gym—or equipment-based and can be taught as “stand-alone” or in the proposed sequence outlined below.
    • Fit, toned, and functional (FTF): This is a 12-week linear progressive programme using cables, free weights, TRX, and a Swiss ball. It is a 2-4 day split with a complimentary 1-3 day cardio option.
    • FASTT: Establish your baseline strength and lifting technique for pull-ups, Shoulder Presses, Bench Presses, Back Squats, Deadlifts, and Woodchops. (Non-injured people can do this at any time.)
    • Multiple week programmes: Kettlebell Fundamentals (KFX), FAST Hitt & Fast Fitt (high intensity with multiple modalities to reinforce previous fitness and progress to sub-max Olympic lifting), Conjugate Strength and Resilience, ROAM Spectrum Exercise (RSX) (a high variance programme that combines all the movements and modalities of the ROAM Curriculum.
  3. Sports Performance: Multi-phased Sports-specific Strength and Conditioning programmes are available (ROAM Mobility pre or corequisite advised). Professional Boxing, Tennis, Dragon boating, Surfski and outrigger, Marathon and Ultramarathon are available as sample programme templates. Other sports programmes can be customised.
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