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“Minecrafting Your Food” talk to school group- learn how to choose REAL FOOD from C.R.A.P.! This is a talk that teaches healthy food selection using the popular game as a vehicle.

Choose Real Food!

Minecrafting Your Food is a talk that I give to schools, groups, corporates… anyone who wants to learn more about how to choose and enjoy REAL F.O.O.D. instead of C.R.A.P.!

I use the game as a vehicle to express ideas about healthy eating and nutrition.

Ross Minecrafting Your Food 02

C.R.A.P. is your enemyC– carbonated drinks / R– refined sugar / A– artificial sweeteners and colours / P– processed food

Eat real F.O.O.D.- Fruits and vegetables / Organic lean proteins / Omega 3 fatty acids / Drink water!

Contact me to find out more about Minecrafting Your Food!

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