Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching 


All my programmes are available to private clients or small groups (1-6 people).

The  Introduction to Well-being three-lesson programme gives an insight into what and how I teach. 

I offer personal coaching in Movement as Medicine and the ROAM Curriculum for general fitness, Transcend the Podium for mental skills, and my signature programme is Personal Mastery which combines all the programmes for the goal of empowering you to use your full powers along the lines of excellence.

  1. Personal Mastery: is a lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, and movement programme for people who want to develop their excellence, recover or recondition from an injury, build health from an illness, or get into peak psychological and physiological shape for a specific experience or event. Initial appointments:
      • Movement Coaching: Assessment of posture, spinal curves and mechanics, comparative range of motion (flexibility) and core stability measurements.
          • 2nd appointment programme introduction to customised mobility and flexibility exercises.
          • 3rd appointment is a flexibility review and introduction to corrective exercise.
      • Well-being Coaching: We will review my health and vitality recommendations based on the findings of your completed health and lifestyle history questionnaires:
          • This can include any physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, and spiritual advice.
      • Mental skills: We start with any presenting problems or lesson one of “Transcend the Podium.”
    Once baseline assessment and programmes are set, we can agree on follow-up or the frequency of regular ongoing coaching lessons. 

This personal mastery programme requires an open mind, consistent commitment, and a strong desire to get better. I will meet that ambition with over 30 years of high-level coaching experience and continuous and extensive study of Eastern and Western body-mind-spirit philosophies, distilling them into a pathway that will help you reach your potential and more. The basic idea of what is involved in a minimum of 3 months of coaching:

First 30 days: Well-being Objective: We focus on establishing “balancing” basics of sleep routines, hydration, breathing, posture correction & injury prevention (movement mechanics), and a positive thought mindset. You need to place your health high on your priorities, exercise of various intensities everyday, some self-development activities and lessons (basics of stress & Load).  

Second 30 days: Purpose & Fitness capacity
Once you have a basic idea of “balancing” your health, we use that platform to build functional strength and conditioning (targeting a specific event/activity) and re-evaluate your purpose, values, and legacy.    

Third 30 days: Troubleshooting, creating your X-factor and tweaking your peak.
Wellness provides a platform to develop fitness resilience, and fitness capacity empowers opportunities for creativity and innovative strategies (X-factor) for high performance. As part of this, we also explore and harness the mental and spiritual side of anything that can be holding you back (trauma, mental block, etc.).    

This programme is about personal growth and is under constant review as I grow as a teacher and a human being. If you are serious about wanting to get to another level using a holistic approach, contact me below or WhatsApp me on 852 9833 7446


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“Ross is an exceptional trainer, his wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health is extensive from body training, nutrition and mind transformation. His tips and training are easy to incorporate into your daily life, Ross has made a great impact in my approach to health and wellness…” Read more

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Ross is the author of three books all of which are integrated into his coaching and developed in his online programmes.  


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