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Humble beginnings… building my own home gym! Do it in your garage, in your basement, on the roof (like me), or anywhere you can find some space!

Building Your Own Home Gym

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do… have my own “home gym” that is easily accessible (and of course comes with no gym fees!).

I’m starting modestly with a basic barbell and set of plates, and my TRX suspension trainer. I am eyeing a set of kettle bells / dumb bells next, a medicine ball, some kind of pull-up bar, a swiss ball and yoga mat, a box to jump onto… and whatever other equipment I can find and store!

The fun and challenge in creating workouts is to make use of available equipment and to customise their usage appropriately.

Even if you have the tiniest space, I am sure you can fit in a suspension trainer or set of kettle bells, try it and you will find there is no excuse to skipping your workout!

I’ll be posting workout ideas and programs in the coming months. Join me on my home gym journey!

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