Ross Eathorne

Welcome. With over three decades of experience in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Holistic Lifestyle, Sports, and Mental skills coaching, I have guided clients of all sizes, fitness levels, and goals. My expertise spans health, fitness, and vitality to injury correction, enhancing sports ability, and excelling under pressure. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and improve your well-being.

In 2024, my approach to your goals is to empower you with an attitude and commitment to mastering well-being and, simultaneously, gaining happiness through the pursuit of excellence. I understand this journey is not linear, so I am here to meet you where you are and guide you at your own pace while emphasising mastery of your well-being, excellence and happiness.

My signature programme, ‘Personal Excellence’ is a fully customised health and fitness programme. It is based on a thorough understanding of your health history and lifestyle, clinical posture, flexibility and core stability assessments, and concomitant lifestyle coaching. This comprehensive approach is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals while preparing you to excel under pressure. ‘Personal Excellence’ is for their well-being, and they are ready to commit to a personalised journey towards excellence individuals who are serious abo.

Personal Excellence naturally overlaps with my “Movement As Medicine” and “Transcend the Podium” (Mindset) programmes.

If this approach sounds good, let’s schedule a call to discuss what you are looking for, needing, and wanting. I do not do free trial classes. However, I have an “Introduction to Well-being” 3-lesson program covering stress and nervous system regulation, a movement-specific flexibility and posture class, and a class on essential fitness training principles, practice, and workload monitoring.

Contact me at 852 98337 446. or email me at

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