RE: Start

I can help you (or your team) improve your performance through building a platform of wellness, developing resilience through purposeful fitness and teaching you my X-factor mindset to empower you to perform under pressure.

Regardless if you are an elite athlete, chairman of the board, or run a household everyone starts with my Wellness walk & talk…

In this lesson you learn the foundation of wellness and more importantly you will get an idea if my experience is going to help you (right now or in the future) and I can see if you are ready for my teachings…


Health, fitness and performance. Progress, success and happiness in any aspect of life starts by building a foundation of wellness…

Life 101 is an introduction to my approach to wellness and covers:

  • Finding your animal.
  • Awakening your awareness and presence.
  • Recovery very starts with sunlight and sleep.
  • Water contains and expresses your essence.

Wellness walks and talks can be taught anywhere.

Allow 60 minutes for my structured Life 101 talk.

For more-indepth and personalised guidance consider my “Life in a day” programme. (Coming soon).