“I help athletes, executives and teams prepare and perform at their personal best through lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and exercise coaching.”

Hi and welcome.

I can help you if you want to:

  • Chase your personal best performances on the sports field, in the boardroom and life.
  • Improve your mental & physical resilience to optimise performance under competition pressure.
  • follow a structured & progressive programme, that addresses postural imbalances & recovery needs, develops general strength & conditioning and fine-tunes sports specific exercises.

Specialist services and passions:

  • High performance through wellness, growth mindset, mental skills training and culture development
  • Helping people reduce pain and improve freedom of motion through Corrective/recovery exercise 
  • Improvement of athletic abilities and general strength & conditioning
  • Sports specific & elite athlete preparation with Heart rate variability
  • Personal Trainer, Coach and fitness leader development

My 30 plus year coaching journey has allowed me to accumulate a broad range of knowledge and experience in movement (injury correction, strength & conditioning, sports specific periodisation), mindset (wellness, growth mindset, sport psychology) and performance (execution of excellence under competition pressure).

Guiding Principles for life:

I have four tenets based on the acronym Life (Lifestyle, Intention, Food, Exercise):

Life stands for Lifestyle, Intention (mindset), Food, Exercise and are four areas that I believe need to be addressed to develop health, fitness, performance and happiness; my coaching educates, encourages and empowers you to integrate the following into your life (whatever that looks like for you).

  1. Love your life.
  2. Calm you mind
  3. Eat real food.
  4. Enjoy, regular and varied exercise.

Coaching to me is education, encouragement and empowerment of knowledge and skill appropriate to clients ambition, ability, condition and circumstance as determined by consultations, assessments and observation. My process of success is first establish health/wellness, develop general fitness and then target specific performance.

Specialty Programmes:

  1. Performance mindset – “Wellness before performance”. Develop essential life and mental skills that builds wellness, resilience and the presence of mind to optimise stress and flow in the zone of effortless performance.

2. Personal Best – “Execute your full powers along the lines of excellence” with customised coaching to empower you to perform your personal best life.

3. Range of Active Movement (ROAM) method – aims to inspire you to “improve the way you move” by progressing your fitness capacity along a spectrum of athletic abilities.

4. TEACH – for fitness leaders, personal trainer and sport coaches who want to broaden and enhance their perspective of “Programme design and delivery”.

Coaching options:

A) Private consultations/coaching (online or face to face).

B) On-demand/Blended.

C) Corporate wellness event or Sports team coaching.

To discuss how I can help you, text me on WhatsApp 852 98337 446 or email me on Ross@rosseathorne.com

I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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