Coaching agreement

Are you coachable? – Apply for Coaching with Ross.

Occasionally clients expectations and my methods/style do not connect – it happens. To minimise this from occurring I have created a brief list of what I think makes a successful partnership by making sure we are on the same page before we start:

What Ross expects from you:

  • You agree to let me assess, interpret, create, action and refine your programme based on:
    • The physical-mental impact of L.I.F.E stressors and your R.O.A.M ability on your energy levels.
    • Prioritise safe, excellent technique & functional fitness over reckless biomechanics & inappropriate volume to correct/prevent injury and progress complexity/intensity physiologically.
  • My T.E.A.C hing style is predominantly:
    1. Technical & science based first
    2. Coaching commensurate to your L.I.F.E & R.O.A.M ability and learning style second.
    3. Athletic inspiration and demonstration third.
    4. Entertraining – engaging, high energy & motivation coaching is not a strength as I favour technical excellence over anything else.
    5. I have two rules to protect my energy:
      • I make no judgements of my clients.
      • I don’t get my feathers wet by taking my clients issues home.
  • Pain means stop. Feedback to Ross so we can assess, intervene and solve.
  • Two-three session per week of any modality will give you a good rate of investment in terms of how you feel, move and perform. (If you want significant results then you need to commit to a minimum 30 day habit – how often we train together is open for discussion)
  • You do your best today so that you will be better tomorrow.  
  • Sessions start on the schedule time and finish an hour later. If you are late we still finish on time. If I am late then I will endeavour to make up that time. Please let me know by whats-app if you are going to be late. If you no-show or cancel consider it a session completed.
  • Functional fitness is the organisation theme behind my training programmes. Losing weight and toning up are a by-product all my lifestyle and coaching efforts.
  • We enjoy regular & varied exercise.

If you regard these coach abilities to be fair and conducive to a successful teacher-student relationship then we email me now so that we can get started.

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