About Ross Eathorne

Ross Eathorne is one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellbeing coaches and is renowned for his holistic approach to health, fitness and performance.

Always leave time to celebrate victories

Ross started studying exercise science 27 years ago to help him coach elite gymnastics.  He switched to personal training in 1996 when he was introduced to the concept of functional and holistic fitness and realised how much impact on a persons health, weight control, stress management and high-performance a personal trainer could make.


Troubleshooting comes from contemplation, experience and a curious attitude

From. 1997-2002 Ross competed in a silly amount of international Sport Aerobic and MR Fitness championships without adequate rest.   This overtraining combined with poor food choices (protein bars, pop-corn, fast -food combos) and eating at irregular times to fit in training, digestion and clients, lack of sleep because of early morning starts and a late night study schedule, financial pressure to pay off credit-cards, niggly injuries and not getting the sporting results he wanted burnt-out his adrenal glands.

Although a World Champion Mr Fitness, National Coach and leading Personal Trainer he was far from the epitome of wellness, – he propped himself up with caffeine and sugar, was irritable with loved ones and led him to question his passion, purpose and values he had invested in elite level sport and the work-life balance equation.

Fortunately Ross recognised the loss of balance and took a sabbatical at a Fitness and Well-being resort in Africa, where he had an epiphany that you need to adapt your lifestyle, intention (ambition), nutrition and exercise to your cumulative levels of stress.

Since that realisation in 2002 Ross has been studying holistic fitness and integrating those philosophies into clients programmes and lifestyle so that they feel, look, think and perform better.

Ross has written three books and has developed them into a framework to help with general fitness, wellness/performance and mentoring Personal Trainers; these are branded “The R.O.A.M Method” which is a movement curriculum, a transformation programme called “FNFAB” and a personal trainer mentorship called “TEACH”.

The X-Factor

5 little known facts about Ross

  1. He has ran with the bulls in the Festival San Fermin, Pamplona, Spain.
  2. Worked as a sailing instructor in the South of France.
  3. Caddied at the Omega Hong Kong Open.
  4. Gave a Lifestyle talk in Kona, Hawaii that was only accessible by helicopter.
  5. First real job was an Accounts Clerk for a Finance Company.

Career highlights

Watching Rex fight with a huge bump above his left eye is the most courageous thing I have seen in sport.
Afterwards he was so drained I had to hold him up.

  • Strength and Conditioning coach (and sweep) to 5 Times Stanley Cup Mixed Champions (Trainer since 2005)
I have trained the Seagods Dragon boat team since 2005 (less two years) and they have won the Mixed Stanley Gold Cup 5 times (currently 3 years in a row).

  • Trainer to Jockey Vincent Ho, Olympic hopefuls Marathon runner  Crystal Vut, Tennis player Coleman Wong, and professional football player Wong Wai.
  • Strength & conditioning coach to professional boxer Rex Tso
  • Worked with Golfer Nick Faldo and many podium places getters at international competitions
  • Presenter at Idea World in 2017
  • Presenter at AsiaFit Thailand and China, Nike Super Conference, Fibo in China, Active Masters in China.

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  • Barca Innovation Hub: Certificate in Sports psychology in the elite environment.
  • CHEK Practitioner Level IV
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach III
  • TRX Senior Master Instructor
  • BBS in Sports coaching and management (Major and minors completed)
  • Advanced diploma in Exercise Science
  • LIFE Fitness Master Trainer
  • Hedstrom Master Trainer
  • TP Therapy Master Trainer
  • Westside Barbell
  • Crossfit coach, gymnastics, mobility
  • Exuberant Animal
  • DNS “A”
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Studied Yoga and Qi Gong
  • Student of Shamanism
  • NKT Level 1 course completed
  • Qi Gong Practitioner course
  • Yoga Alliance Instructor course (150/250 hours)
  • BARCA Innovation Hub Certificate in Sports Psychology in the Elite Environment

Sport achievements

  • IBF & NABBA World Mr Fitness
  • New Zealand Champion and representative at over 10 world sport aerobic championships
  • New Zealand National Coach for Sport Aerobics
  • Wellington Provincial rugby representative
  • Bronze medal world crew championship for Dragon boating
  • 250 km ultramarathons in Sahara and Atacama deserts
  • First in Dragon Run outrigger race OC2
  • Raiders rugby team league champions 2017
  • Spartan Sprint finisher
  • Spartan Super finisher