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“You can learn more about a person in an hour of exercise than in a year of conversation”- Plato.

My background in gymnastics, corrective exercise, studies in various movement philosophies and more than 24 years of experience has evolved me as a person and shaped the way I train, coach, mentor and teach my clients.

I offer a holistic service that integrates Lifestyle, Intention, Food and Exercise to anyone who has health, fitness or performance goals.

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Career highlights

  • Strength & conditioning coach to professional boxer Rex Tso
  • Trainer to “Explorers Grand Slam” record holder Vanessa O’Brien
  • Worked with Nick Faldo and many podium places getters at international competitions
  • Presenting at Idea World in 2017
  • Giving a corporate wellness talk in Hawaii at a place only accessible by helicopter
  • Senior Master Instructor for TRX


I can coach you if you want to lose weight. My book “The Bottom Line of Fat Loss” serves as a guideline for all daily health needs and a template for fat loss.

I can coach you if you are injured by assessing your posture and muscles imbalances and designing a programme to correct them. My app “5 Animal Mobility” helps people remember the exercises and to self-correct common postural problems and learn life movement patterns.

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I can coach you if you want general fitness and just want to tone up and lose weight. My book “ROAM: Movement as Medicine” shares my understanding of movement and how I encourage people who hate exercise to “enjoy regular and varied exercise”.

I can coach you to elite level performance. All you have to do is show up and put the effort in.



  • BBS in Sports coaching and management (completing)
  • Advanced diploma in Exercise Science
  • LIFE Fitness Master Trainer
  • Hedstrom Master Trainer
  • TP Therapy Master Trainer
  • CHEK Practitioner Level 4
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach III
  • Westside Barbell
  • Crossfit coach, gymnastics, mobility
  • Exuberant Animal
  • DNS “A”
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Studied Yoga and Qi Gong

Sport achievements

  • IBF & NABBA World Mr Fitness
  • FISAF competitor at several world sport aerobic championships
  • Wellington Provincial rugby representative
  • Bronze medal world crew championship for dragon boating
  • 250 km ultramarathons in Sahara and Atacama deserts
  • First in Dragons run outrigger race
  • Raiders rugby team league champions 2017

Ross Eathorne is an international corporate and fitness presenter, personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach currently based in Hong Kong. Ross has conducted more than 20,000 personal training sessions and specialises in injury correction and stress management.

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Ross Eathorne gets great joy from helping people improve their health, fitness or performance. This could be from correcting muscle imbalances and reducing pain, giving nutritional and lifestyle advice for weight loss or disease, or creating a specific programme to peak for a sports event. Ross continues to explore new sports and training systems to expand his knowledge, gain new experiences and integrate in his coaching for clients.


Ross is involved with TRX and Life Fitness as a Master Instructor/Trainer in Asia Pacific and regularly conducts seminars and workshops on their behalf in the region. He is a C.H.E.K IV Practitioner and level III Holistic Lifestyle Coach both of which have significant influence on what he does with clients. Ross has tertiary qualifications in sports science and coaching, and comes from a strong sporting background in gymnastics having competed in World Sports Aerobics Championships for New Zealand, and winning two World Mr. Fitness titles. Ross created the programming for the HFP90 Ltd flagship “Five Animal Fitness” programme, as well as the programming for all the apps in our series.

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  • Master Instructor for TRX, STC, GSTC, SMSTC, RTC
  • MasterTrainer for Life Fitness Academy
  • Master Trainer for TP Therapy and ViPR
  • CHEK Practitioner Level IV
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III
  • CHEK Golf Biomechanic
  • Westside Barbell Personal Trainer and Athletic Coach
  • Crossfit Level 1 Coach
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation “A”
  • Exhuberant Animal Graduate
  • World Mr Fitness 2000
  • Represented New Zealand in 10 World Sport Aerobic Championships
  • Rugby player and coach, triathlete, Dragon boater and trainer, Outrigger and ultramarathoner
  • 2 Crossfit Opens

Ross is creator of the 90 day “Five Animal Fitness” bodyweight programme and associated workouts.
Ross is the creator of the “Bodyweight Ninja” series of workout programmes.
Ross is due to launch a book on holistic fat loss.


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