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An overview of L.I.F.E.

The L.I.F.E. program is an acronym for Lifestyle, Intention (mental attitude and ambition), Food and Exercise, and is designed to help you achieve lifelong health, fitness and performance. The program is the result of Ross Eathorne’s more than 24 years of experience in the fitness and wellbeing industry, his background in gymnastics and corrective exercise, and his study of the movement philosophies and psychology of both the East and West.

The program recognises that for lifelong health and fitness, each element of ‘Lifestyle‘, ‘Intention‘, ‘Food‘ and ‘Exercise‘ cycle must be in balance as they are all interdependent. Ross helps clients analyse and adapt lifestyle habits and choices that get in the way of their being able to achieve optimal health and fitness, and truly love the life they live.

Core concepts

Lifestyle _ LIFE program

Love your life!

There are 168 hours in a week. After taking into account the time you spend sleeping, how many hours in the day do you genuinely spend doing what you love?

Everybody needs a purpose in life to be happy. Sometimes we look around and see that we have been caught in the rat race or running endlessly on a hamster wheel while life passes us by!

Ross will assess your life circumstances, including your health history and lifestyle awareness. Through a detailed health appraisal questionnaire combined with a full posture and diet assessment, he will help to distill all your stressors into one critical point where the least amount of effort will result in the greatest gain in health and happiness.

Coaching will involve asking you exactly what you want to achieve. It is your goals we will work towards in lifestyle changes, mindset, nutrition and exercise.

Intention - LIFE program

Calm your mind!

Do you suffer from a “monkey mind” or anxiety, and do you want to achieve better peace of mind? The L.I.F.E. holistic approach frees you to be your optimal self. The program offers proactive short-and long-term strategies for achieving calm and positivity for a winning attitude based on sports psychology and mental coping skills.  The benefits of calming the mind include:

    • a positive mindset
    • clarity of thought
    • inspiration
    • creativity and
  • better digestion.

Resource: ‘How to Calm Your Mind’ by Ross Eathorne, available on Kindle (US$0.99)

Food - LIFE programEat real food!

Ross recognises that one size does not fit all when it comes to fat loss, and the L.I.F.E. formula lays out a plan that you tailor to your unique combination of endocrine body type, lifestyle and condition. The L.I.F.E.  formula can get you to your fat loss goal through a healthier, more joyful relationship with food and exercise.

There are three phases to fat loss: Health, Fitness and Performance.
  • Building health with good nutrition allows your body to stop storing fat, and with exercise, burn any excess off.
  • Fitness training uses the ‘Health’ phase as a platform, training your metabolism to burn excess fat off.
  • Once fit, you enter the ‘Performance’ phase where your goal is to learn skills to achieve a sports goal, as opposed to a pant-size goal.

“The hero concentrates on enjoying the journey, not the destination. Focus on life, not fat.”

If you are interested in learning a little more about Ross’s approach to fat loss, you can browse and purchase his book (Kindle) The Bottom Line of Fat Loss (£1.49).

Exercise - LIFE programEnjoy varied and regular exercise!

Ross firmly believes that enjoying regular and varied exercise is key to achieving lifelong health, fitness and performance.

  • Enjoyment motivates you to repeat the experience.
  • Regularity ensures fitness and skill development.
  • Variety prevents you from becoming bored.

Ross’s exercise programs are customisable but are based on these concepts and that of Movement as Medicine and ROAM – Range of Active Movement. In summary, Ross has developed an East meets West philosophy that helps you improve your freedom of movement … in a safe, progressive and enjoyable way.

It is now common for us to focus on one or two types of movement pattern to the extent that it often leads to injury and burnout. Overdosing on one movement can transform it from a medicine to a poison. ROAM is based on the idea that most movements in life and sport can be distilled into six movement patterns – plus gait (walking, running). These movement patterns are represented by the squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge.

“Overdosing on one movement can transform it from a medicine to a poison.”

The ROAM fitness program cycles around these movement types with the result that there is no burnout, and the variety encourages regularity and interest. The variety also develops ever increasing competencies of flexibility, stability, endurance, strength, coordination, power, speed, agility, infant developmental crawling, throwing, accuracy, defence and sport performance.

The end goal is the ability to roam free, to enable all the competencies available to man and to be able to executive them according to the opportunities and obstacles presented by a sporting or natural environment.

Resources: ROAM – Movement as Medicine, by Ross Eathorne, available on Kindle, in paperback and with an associated App available at the App store.

Ross Eathorne Publisher Books

Ross is the author of three books, with a fourth on the way. His books cover key aspects of the L.I.F.E program and are often used to support training.

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