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2012 GOALS

Happy New Year, everybody! Some of my goals for 2012- (1) Complete 250km ultramarathon in the Atacama desert, Chile (2) Complete my book on fat loss and look for publishers (3) Market and present my own PT Mastery and Practical Programme design and evaluation courses!

In 2009, I completed my first Racing The Planet- 4 Deserts Race, the Sahara Race in Egypt.

I had hoped in 2011 to participate in the Gobi March, but unfortunately I had to pull out due to a calf injury.

For 2012, I aim to complete the Atacama Crossing, which is only 47 days away! I will be focusing on structured, periodised training in the run up to the race

The Atacama in Chile is one of the few deserts on Earth that does not receive any rain. This is a challenge and adventure which I am looking forward to!

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Ross Eathorne is one of Asia’s leading fitness and wellbeing coaches and is renowned for his holistic approach to wellness. Ross coaches private clients, groups, champions as well as trainers in his L.I.F.E programme, he is the author of three books with another book on the way, is a keynote speaker, a gym owner, and a champion himself.

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