Coaching Philosophy

I coach people on optimising and integrating movement, mindset, and lifestyle into their lives.

My approach is to lay a foundation for well-being, develop physical and mental resilience, and then use this platform for excellence.

This approach is for you regardless if you want general health and fitness, recovery from injury or illness or have a specific event that you want to get in optimal performance state for.

You can check out my programmes to see what is right for you or we can schedule a call to discuss your options and your purpose.

I am flexible and happy to schedule a 15-minute discovery call to discuss which approach you would like to take and what suits your ambition, condition, ability, and circumstance. Text my Whats App at 852 98337446 or email ross@rosseathorne.com.


In 1994, I graduated with a two-year, full-time Advanced Diploma in Exercise Science and started my career in the fitness industry.

As a Level 3 Gymnastics Coach, I’ve coached Junior Elite gymnasts and even served as the New Zealand Sport Aerobics Coach for the 2002 World Championships. This experience has shaped my coaching approach.

From 1998 to 2009, I expanded my knowledge and skills, completing the CHEK Institute Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology Practitioner Level IV, the Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III, and the CHEK Golf Biomechanic certifications. These comprehensive courses provide a solid foundation in technical and clinical exercise assessment, programme design and progression skills, and nutritional and eastern energy approaches to health and well-being. I have also authored three books on movement, mental skills, and holistic weight loss, drawing inspiration from Paul Chek’s teachings.

The teachings of Paul Chek and living in Hong Kong opened my clinical eyes to alternative approaches; since 2009, I have studied Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s five-element theory, Yoga practical and theory, Celtic, Native American, and Andes Shamanic traditions, and energy healing.

My experience as an elite athlete in over 10 World Cups and Championships has given me a keen interest in sports and body psychology. From 2020-2023, I took the Barca Innovation Hub certificates in Sport Psychology and the High-Performance Environment, Developing the Elite Athlete and Sports Psychology for Coaches. In 2023, I completed The Polyvagal Institute “Playzone Pro” course. In 2024, I am studying for a Master’s Degree in Sport and Body Psychology.

I regularly give Movement and Well-being talks, clinics, and classes to the public, corporations, and sports teams.

Work and Sports Experience

I have been self-employed since 1998 and have had contracts at The American Club in Hong Kong as a Master Trainer, with The Eastern Eagles Professional Soccer team as a strength and Conditioning Coach, The Hong Kong Sports Institute as a mental skills coach to their sailing squads. I have been strength and conditioning Coach to Professional Boxer Rex Tso since 2015, and the Hong Kong Boxing team. A senior Master Instructor for TRX since 2010, which has led me to mentor many trainers around the Asiapac region and beyond, including presenting at international conferences. I have been Land-trainer and On-Water Coach for the Seagods Dragon Boat team for 15 years.

I have experience as an athlete and with programme design and deleivering in the following sports.

Dragonboating, Outrigging, Surfski, Boxing, Sailing, Gymnastics, Rugby, Tennis, Squash, Marathon, Ultramarathon, Adventure Racing, Crossfit, Spartan, Horse Racing, Triathlon, Sport Aerobics, Fencing, Golf, Open Water Swimming, Surfing.

I have helped people with lumbar disc, sacroiliac joint injuries, stress fractures, neck pain, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries ( And have had plenty of personal experience during my sporting career).

While I have a rich background in coaching elite athletes and teams, I find equal joy in the diverse challenges and rewards of coaching business people, amateur athletes, and individuals seeking to improve their well-being. Whether you’re looking to move, feel, or gain a sense of achievement and direction in your life, I’m here to guide you.

I am a father of three nearly grown-up kids and am curious about many things.

Contact me at 852 98337 446. or email me at ross@rosseathorne.com

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