Ross coaches anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, mental strength, nutrition and movement ability using a holistic approach:

  • Health – balance outgoing energy with incoming energy.
  • Fitness – adaptability to variation in physical demand.
  • Performance – optimal operation and creative mindset under pressure.


Ross has 27 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry with clients that range from high-profile elite athletes, weekend warriors, corporate and home executives and those who are chronically injured and fatigued.

Ross specialises in:

  • posture, injury correction and recovery strategies to make movement fluid and pain-free.
  • increasing your fitness & sports specific capacity in a personal, progressive and purposeful manner.
  • optimising stress through streamlining your L.I.F.E (lifestyle, intention/mindset, food and exercise) load to suit your current condition, ability, circumstance and ambition.


Ross also offers live online coaching and has developed his books,  seminars and talks into three, self-paced online courses in Movement, Transformation and Personal Training mentorship.

If you want to improve your wellness, movement, seek high performance, or want a complete life transformation contact Ross now:


Marathon preparation – Anne

“I’ve trained with Ross since 2012. I had never been a runner but at age 40 I decided to run my first marathon. Ross helped me prepared my body as well as my mind for the race. In preparation for the marathon, Ross helped strengthen key muscles, improve efficiency, get toned and improve my overall fitness…”  Read more

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Ross is the author of three books all of which are integrated into his coaching and developed in his online programmes.