Movement – Mindset – Performance

I specialise in:

  • Corrective, functional and high-performance exercise
  • Sport specific strength & conditioning for performance and recovery
  • Sport/Performance psychology & mental skills
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

I help people to:

  • reduce pain from chronic injuries by correcting muscle imbalances.
  • improve mental strength and resilience with neural exercises & polyvagal theory.
  • increase sport specific strength & conditioning.
  • balance work vs stress through holistic lifestyle coaching
  • enhance well-being, fitness and weight-loss.
  • choose performance over outcome, excellence over perfection

Contact me on email: Ross@rosseathorne.com or what’s app 852 98337446

We can work together in any and all of the following options:

A) A single lesson. Choose a movement, mindset or performance lesson, my “Foundation of Well-being” lesson, or we can start with a blank slate and troubleshoot anything in my field of specialties.

B) Clinical assessment, programme design and introduction: This is an assessment of your flexibility & spine biomechanics to identify your posture type and muscle imbalances. We then use this analysis to design correct these imbalances (and injuries) and progress towards greater function and sport performance. (Not available online.)

C) Fitness Empowerment: 10 Lessons to pave your way to enjoying regular and varied exercise success.

D) “Transcend the Podium”: A psychological skills training programme for athletes, coach and anyone who seeks high-performance under pressure. Available in-person or soon to be online and on demand.

E ) “Personal Best”: This is for people who want to commit to using their full-powers along the lines of excellence by optimising their lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and exercise. Originally designed to enhance professional and amateur athletes performance it can be customised for executives and anyone who wants physical and mental transformation.

F) Teacher Training: Learn my secrets to designing and delivering well-being, fitness and high-performance programmes to any body.

Contact me on email: Ross@rosseathorne.com or what’s app 852 98337446

Sports I have competed and coached others to compete in:

Ultramarathons and running, Tennis, Squash Dragonboating, Outrigging, Surfskiing, Sailing, Swimming, Surfing, Skiing and Snowboarding, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Spartan, Crossfit, Triathlons, Golf, Indoor rowing, Multi-sport racing, Boxing.

People who I help

Elite & amateur athletes, weekend warriors, corporate executives, injured people, people who want to lose weight, general fitness


Polyvagal Institute: Play Zone Pro; Polyvagal-informed Certificate for Coaches

Barca Innovation Hub: Sport Psychology for the high-performance environment, Athlete Development, Sports Coaches

8 Weeks out: Bioforce Conditioning Certificate (HRV using “Train with Morpheus”)

Westside Barbell: Personal Training And Athletic Coaching Certificate

CHEK Institute: Corrective, High-performance Exercise Kinesiologist Level IV

CHEK Institute: Holistic Lifestyle Coach III & Golf Biomechanic

CIT: Advanced Diploma in Exercise Science

Equipment & Tools

Foam roller – Rocktape Blade – Percussion gun – Triggerpoint release

Bodyweight – Swissball – Bosu ball – Bodyblade – TRX – Rip trainer – Resistance bands – Medicine/power Balls – Kettlebells – Barbells – Cables – plyoboxes – Concept 2 model E – Blazepods

Ross Eathorne Method

The Ross Eathorne method of performance coaching involves the process of progressing your movement ability and mental presence along the lines of excellence in three phases.

  1. Foundation of daily lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and movement habits to renew your sense of well-being.
  2. Resilience (physical and mental) is built through purposeful progressive functional fitness programmes, mental strength training and performance preparation coaching.
  3. Performance peaking and tweaking through executing our physical and mental abilities under pressure and reviewing what you excel at and what is missing from your skill set for continued personal growth.

I have over 30 years of coaching people in sports performance, injury correction and well-being. I have authored three books in mobility, stress intervention techniques and weight loss, developed a progressive movement curriculum for all levels of fitness and a psychological skills training programme based on sports psychology and polyvagal theory.

I am continue to learning new movement modalities and studying different methods of mindset and well -being education; all of which I pass onto my clients coaching.

Organisational principles for high-performance and happiness.

Performance “is the execution of physical and mental abilities towards achieving a task”.

High-performance and happiness is “executing your full powers along the lines of excellence”.

As a Performance Coach I believe that long-term success (attendance and adherence) comes from promoting a light-hearted leaning environment and a high-performance mindset. High-performance levels depend on your history (elite athletes, injured, deconditioned, trauma) and requires a process orientation:

The process of excellence starts by finding out your baseline of “where you are at” by asking the four questions below:

  1. What is your ambition? (what do you want my help for?)
  2. What is your past & current ability? (when did you last achieve 1?)
  3. What is current physical and mental condition (injuries, health issues, mental/emotional trauma?)
  4. What is your circumstance? (Time, equipment, obstacles, finances?)

From these four questions we can identify a course of action and how long the journey is going to take.

One thing I know for sure is that everyone is unique and a customised programme based on an assessment needs to be structured and progressed accordingly. My organisation principle is based on a conservative “safety-first” approach and progressed over three general (and cyclic) phases of

  1. Renewing health & establishing a foundation of well-being
  2. Restoring functional movement and bridling physical and mental resilience
  3. Recreating your life through performance, compassion and curiosity.

If you can’t decide which programme or if personal coaching with me is a good investment for you, I suggest a non-commitment one-off “well-being” 1 hour session that is based on a low-intensity, dynamic movement sequence, a review of your 4 questions and perhaps my Life-calibration questionnaire. After that we can decide if we can work together.

Contact me on email: Ross@rosseathorne.com or what’s app 852 98337446

My next chapter.

I maintain a curiosity of movement modalities, mental, emotional and esoteric approaches for my own personal growth and to broaden my scope of practise:

  • I am currently building a Psychological skills training programme tentatively called “Transcend the podium” aimed at athletes, coaches and anyone who seeks to improve their mental performance.
  • I have re-started a yoga practise after a 10 year absence.
  • I am exploring the Gyrotonic Expansion system movement modality.
  • I have completed “Playzone Pro” a polyvagal informed coaching certificate and are investigating Somatic Experiencing course to help people with trauma and in particular trauma related to sports. (As part of the three year course I will be needing several people for case studies so contact me if you are interested).
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