Ross Eathorne Services and Programmes 4 L.I.F.E.

For over 23 years I have been helping people who have chronic neck, shoulder, disc, sacroiliac and knee injuries to restore their function and fitness. I coach all types of people in strength and conditioning programmes to peak performance in all kinds of sports, and general conditioning for tone up and weight loss. I also help people who are unwell with chronic disease and stress related issues.

I can offer you several general programmes that can be scaled to you, or a bespoke programme based on your needs and wants (my number one role is to coach your weakness as to points of strength).

These courses can be done private, online or in groups.

All sessions are private and based in Central, Hong Kong and can be done online (in conjunction with my apps and books) or in a cafe or outdoor area.

Enquire about group classes, corporate wellness or private active lifestyle retreats.

4 L.I.F.E.


My approach to bespoke training is based on a holistic model and includes four aspects. Lifestyle, Intention (mental attitude and ambition) Food and Exercise.

4 L.I.F.E. is based on the results of either the Life Cycle or the 5 Animal mobility assessments (or both) and the discussion of four questions.

General Programmes



ROAM: 5 Animal Mobility- This 5 lesson course aims to improve fluidity and range in all life movement patterns of the squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge. Low Intensity.

This entry level course then graduates to…

ROAM: Foundation- This 5 lesson course aims to provide a foundation of strength training using multiple modalities. Format is dynamic warm-up and mobility followed by resistance and metabolic conditioning exercises. Complexity level is low and scaled for your current ability. Intensity is low to high.

This foundation course graduates to 321 or GPP programmes.

ROAM: 321 is a periodised programme that over the course of 6 weeks includes 3 weeks of building a strength and cardio vascular base at low to moderate intensity, 2 weeks of specific strength and cardiovascular interval coaching at moderate to sub- maximal intensity and then 1 week of peak conditioning. The cycle then restarts. Ideally you will be able to commit to 3 weights sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week- with or without trainer.

ROAM: GPP- General physical preparation is for people who have no specific sports goals but want to keep in shape with a wide variety of exercises, modalities and sessions. Each session will be themed and cycle through one of the life movement patterns. No session will be the same. This is good for people who want regular personal training 1-3 times per week.



How to Calm Your Mind is learning sports psychology and mental coping skills to help with stress, trauma or nerves leading to an event.



The Bottom Line Of Fat Loss programme is for people who have greater than 5 kg to lose and need/want education on what it takes to lose weight/fat forever. The amount of sessions depends on your progress.

The Bottom Line Of Fat Loss can be taken in conjunction with ROAM: 5 animal mobility, Foundation, 321 or GPP.

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