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Diet and Nutrition are key pillars for health and fitness. People are realising that the traditional “Food Pyramid” is unsuitable, or worse, wrong in its recommendations.

The Paleo Diet is often wrongly viewed as being a “meat only / all protein / no carbs” approach to eating.

On the contrary, the emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruit, quality meats and oils/fats, and minimising or avoiding grains would be a more accurate description, illustrated well by this graphic!


Here is a link to an earlier post which provides a simple but handy food chart for what is paleo!

I personally subscribe to The Metabolic Typing Diet approach of trying to identify the optimal balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates for each individual. I wrote about this in detail previously and I find that it works best for me and my clients who have followed its guidelines.

As it happens, I am a “Protein” type under The Metabolic Typing Diet analysis, and therefore I find that much of what The Paleo Diet recommends works well for me.

However, each of us is different and I would urge you to acknowledge your genetics, your heritage, your current environment, and to undertake a full assessment on what works best for you.

Contact me if you would like to find out more about a full dietary assessment.

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