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The late Dr Masaru Emoto froze water to study how the shape of crystals can be influenced by intention, frequency and vibration. In some schools in Japan he took three jars of water, each labeled with a different message; everyday for six weeks the children read aloud the message to the jar. Dr Emoto then froze the water from each jar and photographed the crystals…

The first jar was labeled “I love you” and formed a beautiful crystal. The second jar was labeled “I hate you” and the crystal was malformed and not as beautiful as the first. The children were instructed to place the third jar in a corner and ignore it. No crystal formed in the ignored jar.

The lesson is thus: To be loved is highly desirable and the attention of being hated is far better than being ignored.

Fat feelings

“He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.” ~ Michel De Montaigne ~

Carl Jung explored a concept called “the shadow self ”: self-doubt and negative thoughts and the role they play in our life. Jung talks about how these thoughts get stored in an invisible sack that we carry on our back. As we grow older, we collect more baggage. This drains our life energy and anchors us to the runway, preventing our lives from departing for daring adventures. The longer we hold onto these thoughts, the greater our health issues become.

Animals discharge stress by finding a safe corner and pant or sleep until the danger has passed. Humans, on the other hand, tend suppress and ignore warning reflexes and emotions. The result of burying these feelings is that the reflex hormones released build up and, if the stimulus is repeated often enough, create a hormonal imbalance, overworked organs, and disease.

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