Andrea Lomas-Gong- Head of Group Spa Operations, Mandarin Oriental

Ross is an exceptional trainer, his wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health is extensive from body training, nutrition and mind transformation. His tips and training are easy to incorporate into your daily life, Ross has made a great impact in my approach to health and wellness.

Ross worked with me on the launch of our Traditional Chinese Medicinal Concept for the spas at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group which has been very successful.


Andrea Lomas-Gong- Head of Group Spa Operations, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Andrea Lomas-Gong- Head of Group Spa Operations, Mandarin Oriental

Vanessa- Guinness Book of World Records holder

Ross Eathorne was critical in helping prepare me to climb Mt. Everest. This was a goal I set myself during the economic recession. Ross and I trained together three times a week. In order to succeed, it was important for Ross and me to work together to create a fitness programme geared toward optimising my performance around climbing which included resistance training, cardiovascular training for high altitude (aerobic and anaerobic), and sports specific conditioning and strength training for mountaineering.

As a result of Ross’s programme I went on to summit Everest two year’s later. One year after that I achieved what would later be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records- the fastest female to climb the highest peak on every continent. I have also skied the last degree to both the North and South Poles and still continue to set records even though I am now living in the US:

I highly recommend training with Ross to achieve your fitness goals.

Vanessa O’Brien

Vanessa Everest

Vanessa- Guinness Book of World Records holder

Anne- marathon preparation

I’ve trained with Ross since 2012. I had never been a runner but at age 40 I decided to run my first marathon. Ross helped me prepared my body as well as my mind for the race. In preparation for the marathon, Ross helped strengthen key muscles, improve efficiency, get toned and improve my overall fitness.

I achieved my goal of completing a marathon, and 2 years later, I hiked up to Mt. Everest Base Camp! Ross helps to keep me focused while I think about the next chapter and next goal in my life.

Ross is always willing to share his knowledge and lend a hand. His talk “Minecrafting Your Food” was presented to my son’s Cub Scout Den. Ross talked about nutrition and healthy eating habits in a way that young boys could relate to by presenting it in the Minecraft world. The boys left with a better understanding of making the right food choices for a healthier lifestyle!

I really enjoy working out with Ross… every session is different and his knowledge of the human body, science of food and overall health is extraordinary. Ross is very accomplished and an expert in many disciplines (CHEK, TRX, etc). The best qualities about Ross are that he is always professional, upbeat, sensitive to client needs and completely trustworthy.

Anne- Marathon Preparation

Rupert- skiing and trail running

I have been training with Ross for more than 4 years. When I first started out, I had just turned 40, was out of shape and overweight. Ross took a holistic approach to getting me healthy, cutting across exercise, diet and general health.

Within 12 months I had lost 20kg in a sustainable way and completed a 100km mountain trail running race in under 24 hours! My original goal of being able to ski with my grandchildren into my 70’s is well on track.

Our workouts are varied and interesting and complement my other exercise activity (principally skiing / ski touring and trail running). I feel in better shape now than I did when I left school over 20 years ago!

Testimonial Rupert

Rupert- skiing and trail running

Lena- 1on1 training

When I started training with Ross I was ridden with imbalances and injuries from running far too much and having little core strength/stability. I also soon found out from speaking with Ross that my ideas on food/nutrition, rest and sleep were really letting me down. I worked with Ross to iron out these issues, and both physically and mentally improved.

I now see things through an entirely different light. I eat mostly organic wholefoods, vary my exercise as much as I can, and give sleep quality a much higher priority. My goals are to continue to mix things up and be good to my body by trying to really listen to what it needs. Every time I am not sure, I ask myself, “what would Ross say?”.

I like Ross’ honesty and non-judgemental approach. I love that he practises what he teaches. He really listened to what I needed and went above and beyond to help me figure things out. I have never worked so hard!

Lena- 1on1 training

Will- testimonial for Dragon Boat squad

The Seagods (Stanley Dragon Boat Champions in Hong Kong) have been utilising Ross Eathorne and his weekly fitness and circuit training for many years now. Ross focuses on our core strength and designs exercises for us that mimic the unusual technique used in Dragon Boat paddling.

Both our A and B teams were a lot fitter and stronger at the end of the season after Ross’ tuition. Ross drills us hard and makes us sweat buckets, and the results speak for themselves!

Seagods logo

Will- testimonial for Dragon Boat squad

Saadiah- testimonial following conference exhibition

I wanted to personally thank you for your time and effort in engaging with the delegates and also for going beyond your responsibilities.

I can’t tell you how much my colleagues and delegates have appreciated the whole concept of having a health and fitness professional to interpret their results. I have been receiving compliments and good words for the entire health check experience and wanted to share them with you.

Thank you once again for your great work!

Saadiah- testimonial following conference exhibition