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I am happy to announce the release of my third book ROAM: Movement as Medicine!

In 2010 I was at a TRX instructor summit in Bangkok, Thailand led by Fraser Quelch who was teaching us presentation skills via a TED talk by Benjamin Zander.

Zander’s 20 minute talk is a master class on presentation skills and a touching talk aimed at “awakening the joy of music in others”. It has been viewed over 7 million times. The culmination of this leadership retreat was to video our goals and write them down on a card which was to be sent to us at sometime in the future.

The Joy Of Movement

What I wrote down (with no particular method to achieve) was to “Awaken the Joy of Movement in others”. I received the card in the post later that year and still had no idea how I was going to achieve it. What’s more I was still an elite gymnastic coach and technically precise, corrective and progressive (read anal) in my approach to training people, in which there is not much consideration for fun.

To be honest I had forgotten about this idea of the joy of exercise. Or at least I thought I had forgotten, until I came to write this blog to announce the book and realised that in essence this is what my ROAM concept is ALL about.

I did a PT Mastery talk at the end of 2010 in which I showed my Personal Trainer development model of Athlete, Technician, Coach and Entertrainer. A technical programme is only good if it is performed, no coach can help you if you are un-coachable and demonstrating exercise can be intimidating. The Entertrainer’s main skill is to make exercise enjoyable so that it increases compliance. With compliance comes health, fitness and performance benefits.

Enjoy Regular And Varied Exercise

One of my four solutions to a balanced life is to “Enjoy regular and varied exercise”.

ROAM: Movement as Medicine takes the Entertainer approach that some exercise is better than no exercise. ROAM simplifies corrective exercise using five major yoga poses and breaks then down into western stretches and posture improving exercises to improve your freedom to move. These exercises are aimed at the return to exercise person, but can be for kids and elite athletes stuck in a movement rut.

Inside the book you will discover the development of man’s brain and movement and you will identify your “Power Animal”- the movement pattern that you do well and your “Critical Animal”- the movement pattern that has the highest risk of injury and that you need to develop the most.

5 Animals- Fundamental Movement Patterns


There are five animals with five stretches, five corrective exercises including animal crawling or infant developmental patterns, and five balance poses that you can concentrate or cycle through at your leisure.


These five animals- Tiger, Dragon, Bear, Crane and Monkey– are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and its “five elements” theories. They are cross-referenced with the fundamental movement patterns of squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge and full yoga asanas that represent these movement patterns.


When you cycle through these five animal movement patterns, you expand your movement periphery or range of active moment. Once you restore your ability to move, you will be inspired to progress to learn new fitness skills with equipment, or perhaps perform a self-defence modality or train for a sport at the highest level of expression.


ROAM: Movement as Medicine is designed to provide a safe, progressive foundation of movement to prepare for fitness and performance training. There are over 70 photographs of the exercises inside.


5 Animal Mobility- Companion App

To improve people’s ability to learn we are also releasing a new iPhone app 5 Animal Mobility which provides more detailed instructions, even more photos and full video clips showing you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively.

This app comes under our Bodyweight Ninja series and is due to be released in July.


I hope you enjoy the exercises in the book and the app.

If you are interested in teaching the exercises as a personal trainer, or in group exercises please contact me and stay tuned for the next ROAM: Movement as Medicine certification course.

ROAM: Movement as Medicine is available now as a paperback from Amazon and an e-book on Kindle!

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