Welcome to RE:TREAT which combine all of my programmes, knowledge and experience into a holistic fitness holiday that improves you or your corporate teams physical-mental-emotional and spiritual well-being and effectiveness.

Breaking news – I will be lead coach at a Fitness retreat for parents and teens in Koh Samui July 1-6th. Click on the link below to see this luxurious venue. Email me if you want more details:

Retreats and offsites

Ross can create a custom-made wellness and exercise package at your corporate offsite or wherever you select. These can be half-day or one-day sessions designed specifically for corporates, or full offsites run over a number of days anywhere in the world, such as Ross’s recent LIFE Mastery corporate retreat in Hawaii.

Ross can also conduct full immersion retreats for small groups, covering all aspects of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. Ross’s Fitness & Wellness Immersion Retreat conducted in Bali was not all about exercise and physical activity, nor even diet and nutrition. Meditation, quiet periods for reflection, opportunities for personal growth and a break from usual routine are absolutely key.

Education and public speaking

Ross provides education on all aspects of health, fitness and performance to industry professionals, laypeople, schools, groups and corporates.

Ross can tailor the education to your needs and requirements, or offer one of or a combination of talks such as: Health Foundations; High intensity classes- bootcamp, CrossFit, TRX, metcons; Sports Specific- EG- Running, Tennis, Boxing, Dragon Boat racing, Golf flexibility/stability; Stress Reduction, Diet and Nutrition; Rehabilitation and Recovery; The Occasional UltraMarathon- my preparation and experience and The science of chi, chakras, movement, diet, and mental/emotional/spiritual connections