FNFAB – Fitness Near Fifty and Beyond

“FNFAB” is a programme to help you optimise your quality of life for the next 10 years (and more) through addressing your physical-mental-spiritual health, balancing your work-life ratios (that may have lead to burnout, weight gain and disease), developing fitness and resilience to empower you to recreate “X-factor” performances.

Quality of life is…

  • Moving with grace and authority
  • Peace of mind
  • Eating for sensibly and not extremely
  • Not worrying about your weight
  • Using or losing stress for optimal performance
  • Sleeping deeply
  • Being purposeful, energised and fulfilled
  • Feel good about yoursel
  • Being in control of your own lifestyle, intention (mindset), food and exercise.

Outline of “FNFAB for Life”

Part 1 – Balance health

Lesson 1

Resilience – bouncing back from adversity and overwhelming stress, the beginners mind and the golden ratio of growth.

Lesson 2

Awareness – Use the L.I.F.E cycle to assess where your life is out of balance.

Lesson 3

Essence – What is your essential state, your life force and readiness for life or greatness?

Lesson 4

Presence – Past, present, future and The optimal L.I.F.E performance Zone.

Lesson 5

Precedence – Body-mind-spirit, thoughts-words-deeds. reflexes-wants-likes, health-fitness-performance – setting your priorities and values.

Lesson 6

Balance – Time, sleep, daily, weekly scheduling.

Lesson 7

Alliance – improve the way you move: how movement and breath promotes nervous system, muscles, circulation, organs, glands, hormones and mental help. 5 Stretches, 5 balances and 5 exercises to ground, centre and keep your body-mind and spirit connected.

Lesson 8

Sustenance – Balance blood sugars, quality food for sustainable energy, health and weight control.

Part 2 – Finding Purpose and building resilience through fitness training.

Lesson 9

Purpose – reason for life, what energises you and gets you going in the morning?

Lesson 10

Intelligence – freeing up your mind for creativity

Lesson 11

Persistance- fitness training for resilience and planning for a peak

Part 3 – Creating the “X-Factor”

Lesson 12

Tolerance – Trouble shooting and removing your demons

Lesson 13

Effervescence – Unleashing and empowering your “X-Factor” to enable peak performance.

Lesson 14

Influence – How to lead using our T.E.A.Ching model.

Lesson 15 – Epilogue

Quintessence – the sum of all the parts and where to from here.