FNFAB for Life. A Transformational programme

“Before you can heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick”. Hippocrates.

Click on the link to watch an introduction to the FNFAB “X-Factor” performance concept…

FNFAB is for you if you are in need of balancing your work-life ratios, want to heal from a stress-related disease (adrenal fatigue, autoimmune), avoid burn-out from over-work or overtraining, and think a holistic (physical-mental-emotional and spiritual) approach is the best way forward.

“FNFAB” is a three-part programme to help you make a huge improvement in your quality of life through addressing your health, fitness and performance.

Part 1 is aimed at putting daily health into your life style and allowing you to progress at a pace where you can heal and build some success and motivation.

Part 2 springs off this platform to build a strong reason to get up in the morning, resilience through persistence and fitness.

Part 3 troubleshoots any lingering problems and then helps you create a high performance life (the elusive “X-factor) for sports or life success.

Overall it is designed as a road map to improve your quality of life.

Quality of life is…

  • Moving with grace and authority
  • Peace of mind
  • Eating for sensibly and not extremely
  • Not worrying about your weight
  • Using or losing stress for optimal performance
  • Sleeping deeply
  • Being purposeful, energised and fulfilled
  • Feel good about yoursel
  • Being in control of your own lifestyle, intention (mindset), food and exercise.

Outline of “FNFAB for Life”

Part 1 – Balance health

Lesson 1 Growth & Resilience: bouncing back from adversity and overwhelming stress, the beginners mind and the golden ratio of growth.

Lesson 2 – Awareness: Use the L.I.F.E cycle to assess where your life is out of balance and find your essential point.


Lesson 3 – Essence: The essence of life is lifestyle, intention, food and exercise and if we were to distill your unique finger print into its purest form what would you essence be?

Lesson 4 – Presence: Past, present, future and The optimal L.I.F.E performance Zone.

Lesson 5 Precedence: setting your priorities and values. Body-mind-spirit, thoughts-words-deeds, reflexes-wants-likes, health-fitness-performance

Lesson 6 – Balance: Time, sleep, daily, weekly scheduling.

Lesson 7 – Sustenance: Balance blood sugars, quality food for sustainable energy, health and weight control.

Lesson 8 – Alliance: “improve the way you move” how movement and breath promotes nervous system, muscles, circulation, organs, glands, hormones and mental help. 5 Stretches, 5 balances and 5 exercises to ground, centre and keep your body-mind and spirit connected.

Part 2 – Finding Purpose and building resilience through fitness training.

If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail…

Lesson 9 – Purpose: reason for life, what energises you and gets you going in the morning?

Lesson 10 – Persistance- fitness training for resilience and planning for a peak

Part 3 – Quintessence: Creating the “X-Factor”

Lesson 12 – Tolerance: Trouble shooting and removing your demons

Lesson 13 – Intelligence: freeing up your mind body and soul for creativity

Lesson 14 – Effervescence – Unleashing and empowering your “X-Factor” to enable peak performance.

Lesson 15 – Influence: How to lead using our T.E.A.Ching model.

Lesson 15 – Epilogue, Quintessence: where does the sum of all parts take us?