The ROAM Method

Welcome to the ROAM Method: – A general fitness curriculum to improve the way you move.

Awaken the joy of movement with this curriculum that gradually expands your “Range Of Active Movement” by leading you through a spectrum of physical abilities, modalities and formats to encourage you to enjoy regular and varied movement. We split the ROAM Method into three levels; Health, Fitness and Performance


We start with low intensity bodyweight flexibility, stability, posture and coordination programmes that borrow from functional and corrective exercise, qi gong, Feldenkrais, the best of yoga, a twist of gymnastics and infant developmental patterns.

You will feel:

More fluidity and confidence in your day to day movements

Increased flexibility, stability (balance)

Increased integrated muscle tone (total body)

Reduce niggly pains that keep you from certain activities

Have a platform of physical ability to start a new sport or activity, relaunch an activity you may have given, or, enhance a current one.

2. Fitness – We combine functional fitness and traditional strength and conditioning equipment and philosophies here. We focus on making you strong in the deadlift, squat, bench press as well as the lunge, twist, push and pull. Cardiovascular intensity and demand increases here.


Phase 1 Bodyweight

A) ROAM Mobility – 5 lesson of mobility in our LIFE movement patterns of Squat, Twist, Bend, Push, Pull (and lunge)

B) ROAM Foundation – 7 Levels, 14 lessons of gradual progression Bodyweight exercises

C) ROAM Bodyweight Ninja – Our first “Enjoy regular and varied exercise” moderate to high intensity exercise programme.

Phase 2 Equipment Based

E) Fit, toned and functional – 7 Levels, 14 lessons (minimum) We introduce functional strength training with an aim to lose weight and tone up at the same time. Intensity and complexity progress with each lesson.

F) FAST – Strength testing and technique session to learn good technique and strength levels in the Pull-up, Shoulder press, Squat, bench press, deadlift and woodchopper. This lesson is compulsory for our strength training programmes.

G) ROAM SPX – Our second “Enjoy regular and varied exercise” programme going through the ROAM cycle spectrum and using multiple modalities.

H) Strength meets function – two programme to develop stregnth and Olympic lifting technique

Phase 3 Equipment based Sports Performance

I) Resilience- Our Spartan training programme

J) 12 Week, 3 phased Sport Specific Conditioning

Dragon boat, Tennis, Running, Snowsports, Boxing

Contact Ross for details as these programmes can be performed via a pdf, online or face to face at a studio in Central Hong Kong.

Note: This programme can be done after my “Ready for life”, “RE:ACH”, or “RE:Treat” programmes and part of the requirements for my “RE:TEACH” personal trainer leadership programme.