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A client has asked me for some advice on diet and general preparation for marathons.

General Advice

1x per week- run at a long, easy pace and add 10% up to about 35k. 1x per week- run intervals over 5km. Another run could be for 10km to get faster. A fourth run could be 10-20ks at an easy pace.

Recovery is key. For dietary intake, use a replacement supplement and every meal thereafter, increase the ratio of protein and fat to carbohydrate.

I tend to make my own replacement supplements using Vitamin C, organic sea salt and some glucose. Avoid any powder with fructose in it. 6-10% solution should be glucose, a pinch of sea salt / Himalayan salt per litre of water, and a teaspoon of powdered Vit C.

Consider foam rolling as movement prep and recovery– you will notice a big difference.

The thoracic extension is a good exercise to perform on the foam roller. You can also perform alternate superman (10 seconds each side for 10 reps, rest 1 minute and repeat) and/or locust (30 seconds on / 15 seconds off for 6-8 reps, rest and repeat). These movements are for thoracic extensors and forward head posture.

Trigger Point Therapy has good kit and protocols for foam rolling and myofascial release- their Ultimate 6 Kit was developed for runners and is what you should look for.

During the Run

When running, concentrate on breath and find a mantra for rhythm.

Hydration is most important. Once you start running over 2 hours, your liver and muscles will run out of fuel and you will slow down.

I would use electrolyte and sugar-type drinks and carbohydrate gels at 90 min and regularly thereafter.

Good luck!

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