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Jet travel to time zones that are plus or minus 4 hours from your home time zone challenges the circadian rhythms of your body systems, leading to various ailments including constipation.


A common cause of constipation is dehydration because the intestines have to squeeze the water out of the feces to be redistributed to the body for more important functions.

Jet travel, especially long haul is dehydrating- a pretty simple equation, not always easy to solve…

Alcohol and coffee dehydrate the body because the liver needs more water to detoxify those substances.

Medical drugs also require detoxifying, so likewise can lead to constipation via the same route (A quick look at the side affects of Stilnox reveals both diarrhoea and constipation).

constipation 01


1. For every glass of alcohol and coffee, drink an equal portion of mineral water- on top of your normal intake (.033mls per kilogram of body weight).

2. Have a fistful of bran for breakfast every morning until first bowel motion.

3. Perform assisted deep squats or lie on your back and draw your thighs into your abdomen.

constipation 02

This contact of the thighs on the abdomen helps push fecal matter over the apex of the colon and can kickstart peristalsis (bowel movement).

4. Natural laxatives such as prunes.

5. On day of travel, take 4 doses of Vitamin C (preferably the effervescent kind dissolved in water) spread throughout the day. On Day 2 take 3 doses, on Day 3 take 2 doses, and on Day 4 take 1 dose. The Vitamin C supports the adrenal function which is stressed because of the change in time zones. Any excess will be excreted in orangeish urine. (Possible side effects of Vitamin C overdose is diarrhoea.)

6. Reset your body clock by keeping the same daily schedule at your place of visit that you keep at home for meal times, exercise, etc.

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