Day 2 of my 3-Day app shoot took place in a studio that specialises in high quality, still photos!

The experience of photographing stills for my upcoming series of health and fitness apps was altogether different from the previous day’s video shoot.

In many ways, the video shoot was a lot easier… I performed each exercise as you would do it in a “real” workout situation. Occasionally, I would have to repeat the exercise, but generally it was not too different from doing a normal workout!

The photo shoot was a lot more difficult and time-consuming. Lighting and positioning posed different challenges, and often, I had to “hold that pose” mid-movement to ensure the photographer could get the best shot!

HFP filming 03

Something I am very passionate about when I teach clients and certify trainers is to make sure that form and technique are not compromised. My intention with my apps is to present users with accurate depictions (video and photos) of how movements should be executed with proper form.

It was hard to have to go back time and time again during the shoot to make sure we “got the right shot”, but I think the finished product will show that it was well worth spending the time to get it right.

All in all, a very successful and productive day!

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