LIGHTS… CAMERA… ACTION! And that’s how I kicked-off Day 1 of my 3-Day shoot to film photo and video footage for my upcoming series of health and fitness apps!

HFP- Health, Fitness, Performance

I have spent the past 6 months creating the content and programming for my upcoming series of apps, and finally we are ready to shoot the footage for high quality photos and video!

I spent an entire day in a “green room” studio, filming key video footage for my initial series of bodyweight focused apps.

My “5 Animal Fitness” methodology is based on the fundamental movement patterns, represented by animal icons in the spirit of Qi Gong’s “Five Animal Frolics”.

Starting with bodyweight training, we move to multi-modality training utilising key equipment such as kettlebells, swiss balls, medicine balls, the TRX suspension trainer and the Life Fitness Synrgy 360!

5 Animal Fitness logo

My flagship 90-day program is structured and progressive, building a healthy platform of flexibility, mobility and stability for the first month, moving into strength and fitness conditioning into the second month, and finally taking you through high intensity power and performance workouts!

The video shoot wrapped up after a full day’s work. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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