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5 field hockey specific conditioning exercises for power shots!

To generate power for a hockey shot one must first have stability. Rachel has come back from a stress fracture in her foot which entailed a return to slow, dynamic and static exercises over 3 months.

This video shows 5 end-range conditioning exercises using the TRX Rip Trainer, a cable column and ViPR fitness tools.

1. Rip Trainer rotation with pulse and low bar path for warding and impact stability.
2. Rip Trainer hockey slap shot with weight shift and power at impact.
3. Rip Trainer hockey lateral pitchfork for weight shift and elastic loading in the preparation backswing.
4. Cable chest press and rotation- aim to get the anterior sling working for pivot mechanic and power.
5. Creative lunge with ViPR- hockey requires huge amounts of agility and thinking tactics (fast, instinctively) whilst fatigued and under pressure. This 1 min drill simulates playing a game because Rachel has to cover as much as possible without repeating the same hand hold on the ViPR or footprint twice in row.

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