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I have been training the Seagods this season for the upcoming Dragon Boat races in Hong Kong. This is a selection of fitness tests to gauge and track progress. A few of these drills form part of the Seagods Dragon Boat circuit.

Seagods Burpee Release

60 seconds- hand feet release burpees.

Seagods Butterfly Sit Ups

60 seconds. Soles of feet together, knees abducted. Start touching toes with fingers, move to lay flat so both fingers touch the ground behind your head.

Seagods Push Ups Hand Release

60 seconds. Start in plank, lower body down to ground and release hands and feet to provide uniform depth and range of motion. All variations are shown.

Seagods Russian Twist

60 seconds. Lie on back, arms out wide and level with shoulders, knees bent at 90 degrees. Rotate thighs so that they touch the ground on each side.

Seagods Back Toss 1/2 Turn

Seagods Mountain Climbers

From plank with feet together, bring one knee forward to touch upper arm, as you return this knee bring the opposite knee up to touch other arm.

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