I have decided to develop a health and fitness App to share with you my workout programs and routines!

When I first started this Blog way back in 2009, I mentioned that I was building a library of workout programs from the many years of experience I have had in training clients and the education and knowledge I have built up.

My intention was to offer these workouts through downloadable PDFs with links to videos for instructional purposes.

The growth of smartphones and their ever-advancing capabilities has convinced me that I should explore the route of creating and developing a health and fitness app that would showcase the best of my workout routines! The ease of use and portability of the phone makes it an ideal choice for fitness programs.

I am basing my app on my “5 Animal Fitness” methodology which encompasses the dominant movement patterns which are necessary for health and fitness. This is “The Journey Of Man’s Movement”– ensuring that we are able to safely and effectively perform these foundational movement patterns.

The human body was made to crawl, to run, to jump; to squat, lunge, bend, and twist; to push and pull!

This is an exciting challenge and I am committed to following it through. Please continue to follow my Blog and Facebook posts for updates on my app!

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