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As we head into the final days of the year and look forward to 2014, I am excited to share with you several projects I will be involved in. I have been working hard over the past year on developing my series of health and fitness apps, and writing my Holistic Fat Loss book, as well as planning my upcoming Retreat!

I hope to publish my book in due course- it is the culmination of many years of study, observation, experience and practice. I take a holistic approach to weight loss– covering all aspects of L.I.F.E.- Lifestyle, Intention and Mindset, Food and Nutrition, and Exercise. I strive to help my clients make changes that are sustainable and long term and I sincerely believe that this book will go some way to help you achieve these goals!

In early 2014, I will be filming both video and still footage for my upcoming apps. These apps will offer a variety of programs, ranging from bodyweight to multi-modality workouts, and short high intensity interval training routines to a full 90 day structured progressive program!

Over the summer I will be conducting my first-ever retreat in the magical island of Bali. It is a full immersion experience for health and wellness. This is a very exciting project and will be a dream come true!

In addition, I continue to keep busy with my 1on1 personal training for clients, group sessions for corporates, and courses for trainers on behalf of Life Fitness and TRX!

Please continue to follow my Blog and my Facebook posts into the new year and share this amazing journey with me!

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