We now have a “working title” for my app- “HFP90”! This flagship bodyweight program will help you reach your goals in Health, Fitness and Performance over a period of 90 days!

We will cater to 3 levels- beginner/novice, intermediate and advanced. Exercises and intensity are adjusted accordingly.

We will take you through the dominant movement patterns that are essential for a foundation of good health and fitness. Utilising my 5 Animal Fitness programming, the workouts will be fun and challenging, and the app will be structured for progression and improvement!

There will be challenging series of mobility routines and resistance exercises that work all of our dominant movement patterns. Once a level of movement and mobility is established, we build on this foundation with bodyweight resistance exercises for strength and stability.

The program content and design is nearly complete and we will be filming video and photo footage shortly.

HFP90 logo

This will be a ground-breaking, innovative app that incorporates all my education and experience in the field of health and fitness.

From this core flagship program, I am planning to launch a series of apps that will help you improve in sports specific endeavours, and bring in use of equipment and multi-modalities!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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