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I am pleased to announce the release of my new app, 5 ANIMAL MOBILITY on the App Store! Each of the key fundamental movement patterns essential to health, fitness and performance is represented by an animal- Tiger, Dragon, Bear, Crane, Monkey. Can you find YOUR “Power Animal”?

The 5 animals are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the “five elements” concepts. Each animal represents a fundamental movement pattern or combination of patterns- the squat, twist, bend, push, pull and lunge.

Mobility programs

When you work through these movement patterns, you expand your range of active movement. It is essential to restore and establish your foundation of movement and mobility, as from here, you can progress to new fitness skills and perform at higher levels in sports and physical activity.

How To Use The App Effectively

The 5 Animal Mobility app is designed as a companion to my book, “ROAM: Movement as Medicine”. The app and book together are designed to provide you with a safe, progressive foundation of movement that prepares you for health, fitness and performance training.

There are 5 sequences of stretching and stability exercises, one for each movement pattern/animal. The sequences can be used as corrective exercises or to establish your proper movement pattern. They can be employed to improve your fundamentals so as to prepare you for more complex and demanding exercises.

The Squat/Tiger sequence is FREE- test it out to see how it improves your range of active movement in the overhead squat!

Mobility screenshot 02

You can upgrade the app to the remaining “Animals”- Dragon, Bear, Crane, Monkey- to improve your deadlift and snatch, split jerk, pull-ups and lunges.

The app comes with full video clips for each exercise / movement. All the exercises are performed by me, and you can follow form and technique.

Mobility screenshot 03

Each exercise is accompanied by high quality still photos and detailed instructions so you can follow each exercise step-by-step in a safe and effective manner.

You can access the photos in Offline Mode so you can still perform the workouts even without an internet connection!

Mobility screenshot 04

Each workout includes a dynamic warm up routine, mobility exercises to increase your range of active movement, corrective exercises, bodyweight resistance exercises, animal crawling and infant developmental patterns, and Yoga balance poses.

You can cycle through each of the 5 animals, or focus on a particular movement pattern.

Find Your Power Animal

The app can help you find and identify your “Power Animal”– this is the movement pattern that you can perform well.

Mobility screenshot 01

You can also identify your “Critical Animal”– this is the movement pattern that carries the highest risk of injury and which you should focus on improving.

You can download the app for iPhones from the App Store for FREE.

Vitruvian Qi dynamic warm up app store link

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