Ross Eathorne - Leading Fitness ExpertWelcome to L.I.F.E!

The L.I.F.E. program is an acronym for Lifestyle, Intention (mental attitude and ambition), Food and Exercise, and is designed to help you achieve lifelong health, fitness and performance.

The program is the result of Ross Eathorne’s more than 24 years of experience in the fitness and wellbeing industry, his background in gymnastics and corrective exercise, and his study of the movement philosophies and psychology of both the East and West.

Renowned for his holistic approach to wellness, Ross is one of Asia’s leading coaches. Ross coaches private clients, groups, champions as well as trainers in his L.I.F.E program, he is the author of three  books with another book on the way, is a keynote speaker, a gym owner, and a champion himself.

The key to achieving lifelong health, fitness and performance: 

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Marathon preparation – Anne

“I’ve trained with Ross since 2012. I had never been a runner but at age 40 I decided to run my first marathon. Ross helped me prepared my body as well as my mind for the race. In preparation for the marathon, Ross helped strengthen key muscles, improve efficiency, get toned and improve my overall fitness…”  Read more

Ross Eathorne Publisher BooksPublications

Ross is the author of three books, with a fourth on the way. His books cover key aspects of the L.I.F.E program and are often used to support training.

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